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  1. HarvesterX™

    OnePlus One Beats The Competition in AnTuTu Benchmarks; Including Galaxy S5

    Yeah and you can't compare against the devices listed in the graphs either. I know some G2 owners scoring 43/44k.
  2. HarvesterX™

    OnePlus One Burns Owner as it Explodes in His Back Pocket

    "You don't often hear anyone worrying about whether the device will become a bomb in their pocket..." Well, if you don't buy Samsung phones, then yeah I guess not having to be worried about bursting spontaneously is a normal thought. Lol
  3. HarvesterX™

    Awesome New Theme From Sourcery Rom Themer "Mystify"

    Yeah, last time I used Sourcery was on my OG Droid ages ago. I thought it was awesome bur never stayed on it due to working on other ROMs and testing things out. Themes that deviate from Halo or Material Design or even just AOSP Android don't seem that popular anymore. Back then on the OG...
  4. HarvesterX™

    New Nova Launcher Update Awesome New Features!

    I thought there was also a way within the app in Settings where you coild go to go sign up unless they took that out. The circle animation is particularly cool if your app drawer icon is in the middle of the screen instead of on the dock as the circle will radiate outwards in every direction...
  5. HarvesterX™

    Awesome New Theme From Sourcery Rom Themer "Mystify"

    Yeah that was a different time and a beautiful time at that. One theme that I still remember was Avalon for Sapphire ROM on the OG Droid. It did say with the dark themes everyone was working on and was a gorgeous white, but we never got it out of beta (or was it alpha. .don't even remember..I'm...
  6. HarvesterX™

    Rumor Suggests Android L Will be Named Lemon Meringue Pie

    Android L doesn't fit the naming convention they've been using ... I'll go with LMP. People just use KK for KitKat anyways, what's an extra letter gonna harm :), Just had me some LMP earlier today actually
  7. HarvesterX™

    [Follow-Up] HTC Desire 820 to be First 64-bit Android

    Well, I guess somebody had to be first with the 615. I think I'd rather wait for Android L and the 810 though and happily continue using my G2 which seem to get faster each day.
  8. HarvesterX™

    Help With Blocking YouTube Ads

    Finally found the class handling the ads. Also found what I'm pretty sure are the string urls corresponding to each server. First though, I'm attempting a build where I removed all the calls (left the methods, but just returned void and cleared the rest of the methods out) and see if that works...
  9. HarvesterX™

    Help With Blocking YouTube Ads

    OK, so I finally managed to get one ad to appear (must be blocking a lot of them with my hosts file) and got the log and noticed the class handling that serves up the ads, but lost it while trying to get a partial log out of it. Haven't ran into another ad in ages. Wanted to grab the URL from...
  10. HarvesterX™

    Help With Blocking YouTube Ads

    Well the title says it. I'm running a VS980 G2 on CloudyG3 1.3 (ported G3 ROM), and running in ART so let's not talk about Xposed Framework...thats why I have Apktool Mobile. I've tired the hosts file approach and added some YouTube ad hosts I found on XDA (along with the default Adaway list...
  11. HarvesterX™

    Phone gets hot while tethering

    One of the fastest ways to drain your battery is by constantly keeping connections open sensing and receiving data. Apps normally create algorithms which queue up data so that bursts of data can be sent at a time (or received) and focusing on keeping the connection open for as short a time as...
  12. HarvesterX™

    "Android is upgrading..." on every reboot

    Oh these are similar threads. Ever since the site redesign I've ignored the title and thought these were all recent posts and pondered why some dated back to the OG Droid. Upgrading on reboot eh? Your dalvik cache is beijbg rebuikt on every boot. Be thankful you aren't using ART runtime...
  13. HarvesterX™

    Flappy Birds Creator Releasing "Swing Copters"

    Here's Flappy Crap.erm, Bird for anyone wanting something less pleasurable than a screwdriver in an eyeball.
  14. HarvesterX™

    Motorola Shamu Gets Benchmarked

    People mentioning the G2/3 with blower benchmark scores. Ditch KitKat and slap JB on them and they'd smoke. Then again those other systems are also on KitKat... So I'm at a loss. The g3 takesna small hit due to resolution but there are other CPUs other than the GPU and main CPU to take account...
  15. HarvesterX™

    T-Mobile will begin throttling customers who use unlimited LTE data for torrents/p2p

    No mas Human Centipede, Human Centipede II, A Serbian Tales, Bunny Game Matyrs for (Yes I will be torrenting Full Sequence once the movie is made :) Edit: I STRONGLT suggest NOT doanloadig any of the above movies especially if under 18 and anyone with a weak...
  16. HarvesterX™

    [BREAKING] Verizon Closing Major Loophole For Legacy Plan Users Today

    Yeah there's nothing inadvertently wrong with what Verizon is doing. It makes perfect sense and is the way it always should have been. BUT at least in the past Verizon seemed to somewhat care about keeping customers. Now they've reached a point where they can feel like "you take it OUR way or...
  17. HarvesterX™

    LG g2 Verizon knock code update

    I think the update must have fallen into one as I thought we'd have it by now.
  18. HarvesterX™

    "Message not sent"... Handcent is different

    Clearing cache/data in your default Messaging app doesn't work? I'm thinking that SMS/MMS messages are also stored in the database elsewhere as well but will need to look, but make sure you cleared data for Messaging app and not Handcent since the issue occurs there.
  19. HarvesterX™

    Verizon Allowing G3 Users To Remove Bloat

    Well look on your /system partition on your G3 and check put the free space there. Uninstalling vs disabling really is more of a placebo effect how days (since there's usually a ton of unused space in /system anyways). It's not like the average unrooted user can use a my of this space and since...