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    What Data Plan do you have?

    I wouldn't survive without unlimited data either. I've used 2.5GB since the Bionic launch day last week.
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    Official Benchmark results

    Quadrant Standard - Stock Bionic with LauncherPro - 2454 LOL @ the AdMob ad below:
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    Wireless N

    The most I've seen is 65Mbps also. It must be a limitation because I get close to 120Mbps on my laptop using the same 2.4GHz frequency.
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    My car dock

    Very cool qoncept! :clap:
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    voice dialing grossly inaccurate

    Have you tried running through Voice Dial Adaptation (learning) yet? Voice dialing has been working great on my X since I ran through this.
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    wi-fi. vs 3g

    I want my click back.
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    Don't update to new Droid X software

    Same here on both.
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    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Sure! :)
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    Apple cant let it go.....

    Same here... on the 1st try. Although I don't think I could possibly make a call holding it like that.
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    Netflix app

    Netflix is definitely working on an Android streaming app, but no word on a release date yet.
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    toDo list apps

    Exactly... I just need a simple notepad with backup/restore and checklist functionality. Most of the Droid'ers I've seen are using either ColorNote or AK Notepad. I don't need color and post-its and AK Notepad really gave my Droid problems.
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    Group Email

    MotoBlur's Group handling with Gmail on the X is completely botched. Group addressing from contacts currently only works for text messaging (20 contacts max) and non-Gmail email. If you're trying to do group addressing via a non-Gmail email account on your X, just do this: Pull up Contacts...
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    How much data do you use each month?

    1 GB on my MotoDroid 2 GB on my Droid X
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    toDo list apps

    I use Notes by Yuli. It's simple and effective for my needs... your needs may be different. Notes has checklist functionality, backup/export, encryption, reminders, etc. There must be 20+ apps on the Market that do the same thing...
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    Can you switch off mobile mode web sites?

    Not sure bro... I haven't used the stock browser since last November.
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    Can you switch off mobile mode web sites?

    It's less of a phone brand thing and more of a browser thing. :) I use the xScope browser on my X and Droid. In xScope's settings, change User Agent from Android to Computer and you'll see full pages instead of .mobi versions of webpages.
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    WiFi woes

    You don't change your phone's wi-fi settings, you change your wi-fi router's channel to 1. Your phone will pick the new channel up.
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    Stock Android apps?

    Have you tried: Menu>Settings>Accounts>Add account>Picasa ?
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    What wallpaper are you using?

    Wikipedia is your friend... everything you want to know and then some.