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    The Razer Phone Has Leaked Includes Beastly Specs

    I AM a hardcore mobile gamer, and these specs mean very little if the device doesn't also come with at least 128GB or 256GB of on board storage to hold the many super large HD games out now! For gaming, the screen could have been bigger too. That's the one thing that pisses me off about my...
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    Lots Of Galaxy Devices Received Updates Today.

    Just an FYI, I pulled the update this morning and installed it and it STILL did not fix the fast wireless charging problem on my VZW S8+. It still pauses and won't fast charge (especially in the vertical position). It was working perfectly until the first software update killed it!!! I had...
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    Note 8 Passes FCC Certification

    Four variants?...Anyone know what they are, and will the U.S. get all four?
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    Note 8 "Emperor" Edition With 6GB of RAM and 256GB of Storage Coming?!

    I hate to say it, but I would surely buy a 256GB Note 8 no matter WHAT it costs!!! As an HD mobile gamer and long time Note user, I have been waiting for a version that really gives us enough storage space to save all data without rooting and patching directories!!!!!!! I really hope if comes...
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    Here Is The Note 8 From Every Angle!

    I'm still very hopeful for a 128GB version with dual speakers! I need some kind of major additions/upgrades over the S8+ which I am now using since Sammie & VZW took away my Note 7. Just having an S-Pen is not a good enough reason to spend an extra $1,000 - $1,500 after already buying an S8+...
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    No Embedded Fingerprint Scanner For The Note 8?!

    I would assume that Samsung will still include a fingerprint reader but just not have it embedded into the glass. I just hope it has better placement than the reader on my S8+. I'm still looking forward to buying the N8 (I just seriously hope it comes with 6GB of ram & 128GB of storage on...
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    Samsung Launches Galaxy S8 and S8+

    It does look really nice...but I have always been a Galaxy Note user...I'll be waiting on the Note 8!
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    Samsung May Be Ditching The Note Series For Good

    I SURELY hope this is not the case! All I have used for the past several years has been the Note series, even with my tablets as well as phones. There is NOTHING that compares. Come on Samsung...give us the Note 8 (even if by another name) it just needs to have all the Note 7 features and...
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    Batman Galaxy Note 7 Images Leaked!

    Yes. This WOULD have been the perfect handset IF it would have come out at the release of the device!!! I've already received my pre-ordered Note 7, so as usual, it's pretty f*cked up to find out about it NOW!!! I would have not only loved the Batman theme (obviously), but also need the...
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    Verizon Drops The Axe! Will Disconnect Unlimited Data Users Using Extraordinary Amounts Of Data!

    I'm in the Chicago area so I would hope that signal strength and such won't be an issue, although I often have signal issues now with Verizon (which is all the more reason to switch carriers since my damn service isn't really stellar as it is...and now this?)! Thanks for the info Mustang02.
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    Verizon Drops The Axe! Will Disconnect Unlimited Data Users Using Extraordinary Amounts Of Data!

    WOW FoxKat, your house burned down?!! I certainly hope this whole unlimited data thing works out for you, but most importantly I hope everyone made it safely out of your house with no injuries or fatalities!!!
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    Verizon Drops The Axe! Will Disconnect Unlimited Data Users Using Extraordinary Amounts Of Data!

    I am sooooo sick of Verizon threatening us grandfathered users every year or so!!!!! I've been with VZW for 26 years now, and I also have never missed a payment, bought literally THOUSANDS of dollars worth of devices and equipment and I cannot believe that this is how my loyalty is repaid. I...
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    Flat Galaxy Note 7 Without Curved Edges Leaks!

    I certainly hope the flat screen version makes it to the U.S. (w/64GB), especially at launch...I HATE the edge concept, and the idea of a dual edge screen is even worse!!
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    Korean Carrier listing confirms 64GB base variant for the Galaxy Note 7!

    I sure as hell hope we do get the 64GB version here in the states...typically the version with larger storage is always sold overseas ONLY which pisses me off!! TONS of storage is needed for the large data folders of the newer HD games, especially if this device will not be rootable (which is...
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    Do You Prefer Front Or Rear FingerPrint Scanners?!

    I prefer the front, since my device often sits on a desk or table.
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    Galaxy Note 7 to have dual-edge curved design, No flat variant in the works!

    This is indeed disappointing news. I have looked forward to this new Note since Samsung screwed up the Note 5 (with no SDcard, removable battery, etc.). I should have known they would do something "uncommon" again to screw things up as usual. I am not a fan of the "edge" series, so I'm not...
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    Samsung Galaxy S8 Likely to Have 4K Display & Dual Rear Cameras

    So what is the advantage of the 2 rear cameras?
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    New Rear Notification LED Ring Coming To Samsung Devices

    I keep all of my phones on vibrate and rarely lay them face down, so I am not interested in such a feature unless it can be turned off.
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    [RUMOR] Samsung to drop Android in favor of Tizen OS

    I agree completely...No Android = No More Samsung Purchases!!!!!! I currently own 7 Samsung devices, with 2 of them already on Tizen, and if they make this switch I'M DONE WITH THEM!!!!