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  1. Rocko

    Droid X restarts itself

    It's a known bug of the latest update. No amount of master reset, etc. will fix it. Moto ignores it. Force Verizon to put you in a different phone as you could be thrown off an Airplane for failing to comply with the captain.
  2. Rocko

    Physical keyboard Not lighting up?

    My physical keyboard does not light up. I am on the latest GB update. Anyway to fix this?
  3. Rocko

    .605 on it's way..............Sept. 19

    Hmmm. Thanks again. I hope someone pulls this. P3Droid knows someone that gets these files so maybe he will spill it soon.
  4. Rocko

    .605 on it's way..............Sept. 19

    Ah, thanks for the info. So basically we need an employee to copy this file and post it somewhere, right?
  5. Rocko

    .605 on it's way..............Sept. 19

    Why would it be called shadow cdma, that's the cyanogen 7 file name, isn't it?
  6. Rocko

    easiest way to goto .596 to .602

    If you are only rooted and have not deleted any files, just pull the update. It will unroot you but you can get root back. SBF to .602(its not froyo) is a way too.
  7. Rocko

    easiest way to goto .596 to .602

    What rom are you using? I assume your rooted? Easiest is to SBF to .602 and take the OTA.
  8. Rocko

    Quake 3 for android

    Looks interesting. You need some of the quake 3 files though to play.
  9. Rocko

    .605 on it's way..............Sept. 19

    DROIDX Update 4.5.605 coming, Keyboard Bug Fixed?? - Android Forums Someone already posted it.
  10. Rocko

    .605 on it's way..............Sept. 19

    SBF to Froyo.
  11. Rocko

    [THEME] Stealth for TBH .595 GB ROM

    Will this work on .602?
  12. Rocko

    Motorola drivers for One-Click

    yes :)
  13. Rocko

    Unhappy with many roms

    I have flashed every rom. I always end up going back to Froyo rooted and bloat removed. I need the blur camera. Battery lasts 40-60hrs and it's pretty peppy with not many bugs-gb...
  14. Rocko

    Screen protector

    I had about 20 of the cheap ones. They would scratch about every 2 weeks and bug me. Changing them I usually wasted one or two getting lint underneath them. I now have a Zagg. While I don't like the feel, I am way too rough on my phone and have a year left, so I want to keep it nice.
  15. Rocko

    Screen protector

    No, these are horrible and make the screen look bad. Zagg or similar.
  16. Rocko

    Gorilla battery

    Don't use that website. Get them off of Ebay or Amazon. You really want to take a chance with your credit card?
  17. Rocko

    Gingerbread Rooted with one click...

    [ROOT] Droid 3 root instructions (One Click added for Windows/ Linux/ OSX)
  18. Rocko

    what did the last update do for the droid_x

    How can you be the only person that the update fixed the overly bright hard light keys?
  19. Rocko

    Any Go Launcher Users? Have a Question

    Ok, I was able to uninstall the latest gmail update. Where does the unread count appear? On the dock icon?
  20. Rocko

    Any Go Launcher Users? Have a Question

    Ah, thanks guys. Is there a way to uninstall the latest gmail app or uninstall the update? Im on GB .602. I could do this before with Froyo but can't seem to do it now.