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  1. rlfitz

    weird problem.

    Nobody? Sent from my GT-P7510 using Tapatalk 2
  2. rlfitz

    weird problem.

    I have an S3 with SwiftKey 3 installed on it for the keyboard. When i am trying to comment in the facebook app it all works fine. But when i get a gmail saying someone replied to a post and click on the see post button i get this weird problem. It takes me to the comment but when i tap the...
  3. rlfitz

    People I call hear echo/feedback...

    I will also be getting a new S3. But for different reasons. My boss pays for our phones and he wanted to ditch Verizon cause their rates are F'n ridiculous now. So we switched to Tmobile. That's what I have now. But of course it just plain sucks. So it's gonna be sprint time in a week or so...
  4. rlfitz

    People I call hear echo/feedback...

    I've heard an echo of whatever I had just said a second or two earlier on occasion . it doesn't do it all the time so I don't think it's case or 2nd mic related. I think it's probably a reception issue. I currently have crap Tmobile. Most of the time it doesn't do it. Just in certain areas...
  5. rlfitz

    Car Stereo Connecting

    Another thing we need to know to figure out which adapter will work with your car is actually which factory radio you have in the car. Is it a single disc cd player, is it a 6 disc player. Does it have an aux button, or have cd changer controls on it? Even better would be if there is a model...
  6. rlfitz

    Car Stereo Connecting

    I didn't see what year your Aztec was so I guess 2005 on pac's Site but here you go. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  7. rlfitz

    Car Stereo Connecting

    Yes the hardwired fm modulators that can be installed to play through your factory radio tuner are very good. It is those cheap fm transmitters that plug into the cigarette lighter are a total waste of money. Don't buy one of those. But you can get an fm modulator from any car stereo shop...
  8. rlfitz

    Car Stereo Connecting

    You could check the websites for pac, blitzsafe, and soundgate. They make aux and ipod adapters for factory car stereos. Not sure if they make anything for the aztek or not since that car wasn't a big seller. Can't hurt to check though. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  9. rlfitz

    Best website for Samsung G3 accessories?

    I got this 2nd battery and charger/dock for my S3 on amazon. It was 25 bucks at the time. Sent from my GT-P7510 using Tapatalk 2
  10. rlfitz

    Any true car docks available yet?

    Proclip makes the best phone mounts by far. Just got the hardwired charging mount for my S3. it is a bit expensive. But hey all good things are. I have had a proclip for my motorola droid, and htc thunderbolt. They really are awesome. I first got the suction cup mount for my thunderbolt...
  11. rlfitz

    Is the s3 going to go down the toilet now that Samsung lost to apple??

    I would think apple will be looking for more updates to our phones like the last one we just got that got rid of the internal search function. Like said aobve. Now i hate apple even more.. Sent from my GT-P7510 using Tapatalk 2
  12. rlfitz

    Messaging app slowing down

    I have the same issue sometimes. It has been only at certain locations from what i can tell so far.
  13. rlfitz

    How to remove Kickstand?

    its not the kickstand. the speaker just isnt loud enough. even with the kickstand open.
  14. rlfitz

    contact facebook pics.

    maybe its a lost cause.
  15. rlfitz

    contact facebook pics.

    I set the FB sense setting and got all the FB people in my contacts. thats not what I was hoping for. The pictures all showed up but there are too many people that I dont need in my contacts. What am I doing wrong? I just want the people who are already contacts to have their FB profile picture...
  16. rlfitz

    contact facebook pics.

    Thanks. Ill give it a try .
  17. rlfitz

    contact facebook pics.

    Quick question. Only a few of my contacts have their facebook picture showing up as a contact picture. I now have the thunderbolt. the same issue also happened with my OG droid. Any Ideas why only a few have the pics show up? I would like to have all my contacts have their FB photo as a contact...
  18. rlfitz

    thunderbolt widgets

    press and hold then drag down to bottom right corner where it will say remove in red.
  19. rlfitz

    The other Thunderbolt

    somebodys gonna get sued..
  20. rlfitz

    Did you get headphones with your Thunderbolt?

    That will only work if you wanna listen to the radio on the speakerphone. Doesnt address my issue of not being able to use my stereo bluetooth headphones at all. Pointless doing it that way. You can select to use the speakerphone with the earbuds plugged in as the antenna. Its just a design...