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  1. boinkman

    Music from X2 to car speakers.

    A couple of weeks ago I went to CompUSA and bought the Motorola 505 for 54 bucks for the same reasons you specify. It works as an FM transmitter as well as a bluetooth music streaming and hands-free calling device. The unit pairs easily with your phone and lasts for days on one charge via...
  2. boinkman

    Anyone else root stock gb yet?

    Roger that: All three scripts work great but you'll need Busy Box 18.2 or lower.
  3. boinkman

    good light app

    I use Color Flashlight. It allows for LED and/or screen with color and brightness.
  4. boinkman

    Droid 3 One-click root verified

    I used a tweaked version. DROID 3 easy root script Be sure you have the latest Moto drivers and when you close the screen unplug from usb and reboot phone.
  5. boinkman

    Droid 3 One-click root verified

    Droid 3 One-click root verified on Droid X2 I'm not the first but I just rooted ota gingerbreaded dx2 using the one-click method for droid 3 without a hitch. It's good to be back.
  6. boinkman

    If you're considering the X2, this is a must read!!!!

    Ditto, ditto, ditto. I can't say for everyone but I've had no problems since I bought this phone except for trying to get the tape off the box quick enough. Supercharging by itself beefed this monster up. Thanx to all the proactive posters in this forum...helping out and all.
  7. boinkman

    x2 native resolution for wallpaper?

    1080x960 is what you'll find in the stock wallpapers as well as 960X854.
  8. boinkman

    sd card from orig. DROID x?

    Hey! Who's thinking is simple? Heh
  9. boinkman

    ROOTED - Can we use CWM on this?

    Have you tried Google? "Gingerbreak 1.20"
  10. boinkman

    Desktop view with stock browser?

    You're right...gotta suck up and give Dolphin another try. Just can't beat the features and speed of Miren and still it sucks that it's assumed we all want or need the mobile version of websites. Pass the Gerber please. lol
  11. boinkman

    Desktop view with stock browser?

    Can't seem to get around the redirects to mobile version sites. Tried the "about:debug" trick and after setting the User Agent to Desktop, restarting the browser, checking to see if the settings stuck, typing in, pulling out my hair.....I still ger redirected. Miren has even gone south...
  12. boinkman

    Rumor: X2 Has a disabled FFC

    If you look carefully(with a flashlight), you'll notice not one circle but two inverse D-shaped "iris'". Behind that housing are up to four sensors that operate independently of each other. The proximity sensor basically is a LED emitter with a detector while the other sensor component is an...
  13. boinkman

    Comin' Back!

    I've got 26 apps stored on my SD Card. Sent from my Droid using DroidForums Maybe try Install Manager Pro. It'll move apps to sd card that apps2sd wont touch. I now have 54% free internal!
  14. boinkman


    Still got that dang ole data connectivity problem after receiving phone calls. I have to toggle data on/off a couple of times to get green icons back and use google apps etc.
  15. boinkman

    MIUI mods for D1

    count me in....i mean about the testing
  16. boinkman

    D1-Miui-1.4.22 finally gets it....almost. Check it out at: Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done
  17. boinkman


    Best yet! Smooth, yet rugged.
  18. boinkman

    D1-miui-1.4.15 (Gingerbread)

    Thanks....When the number was 1, I forgot about the Tasker notification that's always there. Besides, my credit score is at least 12.
  19. boinkman

    D1-miui-1.4.15 (Gingerbread)

    Messin with this all day and I'm luvin it. Just can't figure out what that little circle icon with the number is on the lockscreen just to the right of the date. Sometimes it's there and then it's gone. Sometimes the number is a 2 and sometimes it's a 4. I think I saw a 5 once. Saw it on a...
  20. boinkman

    MIUI mods for D1

    onsht1kll, you think you could pm a link for your lockscreen delay mods for 1.3.18? I sho' dig your work! thanks