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    System update?

    Linux method Anyone attempt it? Just installed Ubuntu, not sure where to get my CG37.smg file from and whether I need to get it from a rooted device or if it can be edited manually. Advice?
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    I'm so scared to root

    Zobo, relax lol. The rooting process of Z4root runs no risk of bricking your phone. That's normal for it not to work the first or second time. Go ahead and try it again, it will not break your phone.
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    I'm so scared to root

    EDIT: Ah, nvm. Zobo, are you downloading the app directly from your phone? If so, which browser are you using? I have found that sometimes, Android will rename APK files to ZIP files on its own if I do not have Astro File Manager installed (it's free from the market and a great little tool to...
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    Google Music cloud sync works on the Thunderbolt

    I'm not sure, but what would that matter? It was posted that it works on every phone...
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    Google Music cloud sync works on the Thunderbolt

    This is about 2 weeks old people...
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    Never again!!!!!

    There is no way in a corporate Verizon store for them to repackage a returned phone and sell it as new. The ESN will not activate if it has been returned, nor will the sale even go through. At authorized resellers, anything goes. I've seen many returned phones become "new" phones (although the...
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    Droid is spazzing out!

    Does your charger port look broken? Bent pins?
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    CWM will not let me install Liberty 1.5?

    No, the download is fine. In CWM Recovery, you need to disable signature verification, then choose the .zip file. I get the same issue each time and this is how I am able to install it. It always works 100%
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    CWM will not let me install Liberty 1.5?

    You need to disable signature verification.
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    Microsoft Rewarding Hackers

    Windows Phone 7 is much different than your Moto Q's WinMo 6. I'd suggest playing with one before saying the operating system sucks. That's like saying Windows ME sucked, so obviously Windows 7 sucks. Very dumb logic. I prefer Android any day of the week, but WinPho7 is actually pretty...
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    Don't return your phone to VZW by mistake - Verizon say's you won't get it back -

    I just updated my last post to address your second post. This is what I said: Also, let me break down the contract thing. When you sign that contract, you are binding yourself to an agreement to use Verizon's service for the next 2 years. That's all. You are not binded to that specific model...
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    Don't return your phone to VZW by mistake - Verizon say's you won't get it back -

    How is it Verizon's fault if people don't read their contracts? Don't you think it's the consumer's fault for not looking over the terms and conditions in which they're agreeing to? I was a tech for Verizon and I've seen hundreds of people come in to the store and say "Well how was I supposed to...
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    CarDock app turning on when phones locked?

    It's in the manual a few times buddy . I'm also surprised no one at VZW advised you not to purchase a case with a magnet.
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    Verizon sucks for text messaging

    You should always update your roaming from the destination when traveling with a CDMA phone.
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    iPhone Coming To Verizon Due To Droid Fears

    Are you kidding me? Verizon will not have any LTE phones out in January, nor does Apple have any of the testing equipment for LTE (we were shown their testing rooms/cells a few months ago and there was not one machine made for LTE.) That's not something that you just install over the weekend...
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    Text And Drive Much Easier With App

    I'm a great people person, I just get frustrated with people who don't read anything except the headline, but feel the need to throw their unrelated and contradictory (to the article) opinion and life stories into the thread. It's just obvious that he didn't read it and check it out, or else he...
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    Text And Drive Much Easier With App

    I don't think you understand what this app does. You don't need to look at or touch the phone once during the texting process. Just say, "Computer/Operator, text Suzy" while the phone is sitting in its dock, on the passenger seat, etc. It then asks what you want to say, out loud, and you can say...
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    Best expense manager?

    You misunderstand me. You said you use the app "especially" because of the fact that it can connect to banks directly. But this isn't something you use, so why would you use it "especially" for that reason? Just sayin.