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  1. famac!

    Internal storage no longer recognized by Gnex

    Now that i think about it, it may actually have started as early as Thursday as that is when i really started noticing missed calls and text messages. About the only thing i remember doing was accepting another ROM Manager update from the play store.
  2. famac!

    Internal storage no longer recognized by Gnex

    Yeah i have always had ROM Manager on my phone though i dont really use it for much.
  3. famac!

    Internal storage no longer recognized by Gnex

    Actually, looks like a couple of reboots were needed. All pics and most ringtones are now displayed. Guess the other ringtones will be listed by the morning. Thanks for your help.
  4. famac!

    Internal storage no longer recognized by Gnex

    Found a .nomedia file in root of SD. Deleted it and still no dice. Went back in and it had recreated itself. Deleted it again and still no dice. Rebooted phone. The .nomedia file is no longer there but access to internal storage is still a no go.
  5. famac!

    Internal storage no longer recognized by Gnex

    Title says it all. When connected to my computer, i see all files on the internal storage. However, the phone itself is not seeing it. I noticed this problem earlier today when i started missing calls and text messages because my notifications had changed to some weird default ones instead of...
  6. famac!

    latest 4.0.4 radios

    I have been on 4.0.4 for a few months now using a leaked rooted stock ROM i found somewhere online (possibly here). Flashed IMM76K radios earlier today. My baseband version moved up to FC04/FC05 but my build number is still IMM30B. Is that normal?
  7. famac!

    Where's 4.0.4 ota?

    I upgraded to 4.04. The only difference i noticed was that the phone now rotates faster when oriented. Battery life is still sub par. Never had any radio issues before and still dont have any.
  8. famac!

    I was just contacted to do a survey on the Gnex

    I believe i got the same call yesterday. I just hung up on them. I thought they were trying to up sell me on something.
  9. famac!

    Iphone 4s or Galaxy Nexus?

    That would be 3.5" vs 4.65". Only in their dreams can Apple fans imagine a 4" screen......
  10. famac!

    Does anyone elses Nexus get hot at the earpiece when talking to someone?

    Mine does get warm enough to notice but still manageable.
  11. famac!

    LED notification

    For Gmail or regular exchange mail? Also, are you using the free version?
  12. famac!

    LED notification

    My issue with Lightflow is that it does not seem to adhere to certain exchange protocols that the built in LED does. Without Lightflow, if i get a new email but check it on my laptop, within seconds, my phone knows that the email has been read and stops flashing the LED. When using Lightflow...
  13. famac!

    I think I found a bug.

    No issue here as everyone should have some sort of security on their phone anyway. Slide to unlock is not security.
  14. famac!

    Extended battery half price rip off.. anyone else find this?

    Some prefer the guaranteed genuineness of getting it from Verizon and paying more while some of us prefer the much lower prices on EBAY and dont care if it was made in China, Vietnam or Mexico. As long as it works, its all good by me.
  15. famac!

    So Who Is Keeping There Gnex

    Keeping it since i have no issues with mine at all. No dropped calls and blazing fast 4G speeds.
  16. famac!

    Extended battery half price rip off.. anyone else find this?

    Love the Chinese kids for their cheap EBAY accessories. Never have (and never will) buy an accessory from a Verizon store or their website. Now back on topic...
  17. famac!

    Google Wallet and false advertising.

    You are broker than a glass that fell off a table??
  18. famac!

    I don't get it... at all.

    So i have had the phone for a few days and damn near perfection is what i got! Don't have any signal issues like some have been reporting. Sometimes in buildings, i have the 4G sign with no bars but data is still coming down fast and furious. I love this phone. Must have shown it off to 10...
  19. famac!

    verizon's 4G network just took a crap across the entire country again

    This just sounds like silly speculation. Verizon is known for overbuilding their network. You really think the few 4G phones in existence has really strained Big Red's brand new network?? Common now...
  20. famac!

    Next Android Version Rumor

    Verizon store rep with advanced info??? HA HA HA!! Thanks for the laugh.