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    I wish miui would make a rom for the dx2 -_-
  3. antmeyerx

    iPhone theme!

    is it like a full theme with the lock and pop ups and everything
  4. antmeyerx

    iPhone theme!

    is there a fully themed iphone theme like the one miui has?
  5. antmeyerx

    Send & Receive Texts Through PC

    i use airdroid its awesome
  6. antmeyerx

    Root Tools?!

    Does root tools work with the x2?
  7. antmeyerx

    [KERNEL] vivow-core-betas

    Hope this kernel does the trick for me.. lately ive been haveing problems with ones that people say are "good"
  8. antmeyerx

    What ROM?!

    Sorry for the late reply. I went with MIUI cause i had it on my OG and i didn't know they had it for the dic2 i love it runs like a champ !
  9. antmeyerx

    What ROM?!

    sweet cause i love the android one ive had all 3 droids and motorolla isnt doing it for me anymore
  10. antmeyerx

    What ROM?!

    My whole thing is the keyboard is it the stock sense keyboard?
  11. antmeyerx

    What ROM?!

    So i'm clueless on what ROM is decent to put on my dic2. I'm getting one tomorrow. Give me some suggestions, pro's cons maybe even a thread about it and how it looks.. P.S i really dont like the sense messaging so preferably a motorolla keyboard
  12. antmeyerx

    iphone facebook app?

    is there anyway to get the iphone facebook layout for the droid i like it alot better then the droid one
  13. antmeyerx

    Another Keyboard Back Light Problem

    mine stopped working to but my buddy fixed it for me you have to get a completely new one sadly to say its a known problem with OG droids
  14. antmeyerx

    facebook app bug

    just did it hopefully it works thank you for your input
  15. antmeyerx

    facebook app bug

    I keep getting my girlfriends facebook notifications she was signed onto my phone once and ever since then ill get some of her facebook notifications. I went under my setting>accounts and her facebook wasnt there, any way to fix this.. its quite annoying..
  16. antmeyerx

    World War Recruit Codes!!!

    add me guys im an active player! 52P6A2
  17. antmeyerx

    New Motoblur?

    ill probably just wait until they come out with one im sure they will.
  18. antmeyerx

    New Motoblur?

    Is there a skin or possibly a ROM that has the new motoblur, im running CM7 atm..
  19. antmeyerx

    First View of the Nexus Prime Boot Animation

    I have it <3
  20. antmeyerx

    Gingerbread Update?

    i have the original droid and i went from 2.2 to using 2.3 by rooting my device and flashing CM7(Cyanogenmod 7) thats the only way i know of.. as for your phone not quite sure if you root your device then look for a ROM that has 2.3 it shouldnt be a problem