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    Locked SIM, need "PUK"

    I wanted to change the PIN for my SIM card but none was ever provided for me when I got my phone in April. (Droid Charge) Now I'm locked out and it's asking for a Pin Unlock Key, and I don't want to keep guessing this one because I believe that the SIM is set to lock itself out forever if you...
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    Random frame skipping

    I've been using Liberty 1.5 for about two weeks now, been very happy with it, no complaints at all. Over the last couple of days, I've been noticing some frame skips in games (ie the game freezes for a split second and then goes ahead to where it was supposed to be) every 3-5 seconds. Most of...
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    Increase Battery Life? You can help Team Liberty!

    I want to test this since I normally use my phone for listening to music while driving and inbetween classes. The OP directions don't seem particularly clear so I just want to make sure I'm doing this in the right order. I also put my overclocking voltages all back to stock and set the...
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    [THEME] Black Juice Ginger Themes for Liberty 1.5 (3 color choices)

    Beautiful theme, I'm about to install Liberty and go with the green :) Any chance we could get a dark purple flavor? Now that I've installed, I've noticed something I'm not a particular fan of. For the blue, a lot of stuff is still yellow (ie Liberty stock) and a lot of stuff is still green...
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    Angry Birds Update [30 New Levels]

    The SMS permission is because now they have in-app payment for buying the Mighty Eagle. You don't buy it in the market, you buy it directly in the app and they send your phone a text message to confirm.
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    OFFICIAL Droid THEME REQUEST Thread - (Non-discussion area)

    Theme Type: Update Theme is Compatible With: Stock or UltimateDroid Android OS Version(s): FroYo, Gingerbread Basic Theme Request Description: LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) - the interface of all the computer terminals in Star Trek TNG/Voyager Optional or specific Apps...
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    'Angry Birds' Developer Creates New In-App Mobile Payment Method for Android

    Same. I've also noticed a framerate drop since the ads came in.
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    'Angry Birds' Developer Creates New In-App Mobile Payment Method for Android

    Now we can finally be rid of the ads! :icon_ banana:
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    The Ultimate Droid DX/D2 - RC2

    I'm still having pretty much the same issues with this one as the last one. -screen randomly turns on and off [multiple times] after I get a text (even though I have the 'screen on' option disabled in Chomp -no gps (known) -gets stuck at the M every other time I boot up, soft or cold; have to...
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    Will the Droid 1 handle Gingerbread?

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is why LG is garbage. </opinion>
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    Gingerbread's rumored Dec. 6th launch gains traction thanks to Notion Ink

    Personally I'm really glad to see so much love for the G1 - that was the device that started it all :)
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    Ultimate Droid Beta Coming out for the DX 12/3/2010

    He just said on Facebook that he took the link down because the amount of traffic it's getting is causing the data to become corrupt on the server's side. Popular rom is popular? XD
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    Charging LED

    Mine did when I originally got it, and it would turn off when it was finished charging. Strange.
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    Charging LED

    I've noticed since I did a factory reset that the green LED doesn't come on when I have my phone plugged up to charge, either by way of computer or by power adapter. Anyone know what's up with that? edit: by factory reset, I mean I had to flash a .sbf over to it.
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    Tethering causes phone to CRASH

    Same problem with PDANet. edit: I found this file: now all wifi functions work perfectly. Thread can be locked.
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    Tethering causes phone to CRASH

    I've tried the build-in version as well as the version from the Market. Both are the same version (2.0.2, IIRC) and have the same result.
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    Tethering causes phone to CRASH

    Sounds strange, but it's nothing but the truth. Using any form of tethering application (Wireless Tether for Root Users, Barnacle, the Wireless AP button from the notification widget, etc) have two results. A) no data goes in or out, and my computers don't see the phone, so I don't believe...
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    The Ultimate Droid 2.0.0 - Droid 1

    Is that a theme? Honestly I kind of like that whole red text on solid black background look.
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    The Ultimate Droid 2.0.0 - Droid 1

    The Slayer 1 GHz kernel came with TUD 1.0; 2.0 seems to come with Sapphire. Honestly, IMHO the Slayer 1GHz performs better than the Sapphire 1.0 GHz.
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    Keyboard click songs?

    Something else that would be neat would be the little blip noises that the Samung Alias (the first one) played with each key.