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  1. iamjoe

    Convince me to NOT get an iPhone...veteran Droid user and I'm sick of the issues

    There's no way I'd go to an iPhone and be locked into the world of apple. Android is so much more robust, so many more options. Sure the iPhone is pretty, and it may be 'hip' to own one. Forget it. Deal with the power issue like the rest of us. If you are going out and about for a full day...
  2. iamjoe

    Is there an app that lets you change another app's permissions?

    give tasker a look.
  3. iamjoe

    sd card

    install astro file manager and take a look at what is on your card. You'll be able to copy stuff from your card to your phone (assuming it's there)
  4. iamjoe

    please help me get the perfect phone!

    If you need a phone, 'now', get the samsung S3. I just upgraded from the Bioinic and I am very happy. If you can wait a bit, get the S4. You don't need a keyboard anymore. Swype or swiftKey is way cool and you can do some serious texting/typing once you get used to it. In most cases, if you...
  5. iamjoe

    Goodbye BIONIC, hello S3 (any suggestions)

    I just got a galaxy S3 replacement for my year and a half old Bionic. Right now it's not rooted but that may soon change. Any S3 users out there that can give me a pointers or advice? Thanks
  6. iamjoe

    Is there an app for this?

    you could probably use speaker phone to have both parties hear the effects
  7. iamjoe

    Is there an app for this?

    Here is a link to the google play store where you can find a bunch of sound effects apps You could play car sirens or baby crying while you are on the phone.
  8. iamjoe

    i think its time to switch fro my iphone 5 on verizon to android which one

    I'd wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor roundup | Android Atlas - CNET Reviews
  9. iamjoe

    Low on volume space error (help needed)

    I have a rooted bionic with ICS. Elixir shows that I have 67% free on internal. What gives? What do I have to do?
  10. iamjoe

    Help please ! **QUESTION**

    If you sold him the RAZR, shouldn't he have the SIM with the phone? Your question is a bit unclear. Did you take the SIM out of the RAZR?
  11. iamjoe


    Welcome to the world of Android. You'll be happy you made the switch. Music... I've moved away from the concept of 'possessing' music. Check out spotify. You can find almost anything you want to hear. If you are trying to get music from your iPhone to your android phone, here is a post I...
  12. iamjoe

    Can I Transfer Music From My IPod to my Droid?

    If you have a mac, you can purchase (yes you have to purchase software) iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer That will enable you to have all you rmusic on your desktop and then you can send it to your DROID. If you have a PC, I just saw this 4Media iPod to PC Transfer - CNET I searched...
  13. iamjoe

    needing help with my droid!

    you can always try a hard reset. Just make sure that you back up your stuff to your sd card first.
  14. iamjoe

    Acer v Asus v Toshiba

    check out They have a 10" asus with a keyboard for $299
  15. iamjoe

    hello awesome people!!!

    Rom? That is something you can use to customize your phone if it's 'rooted' You can search this forum for 'rooting'. Ics?? This is Ice Cream Sandwich, it's a version of the operating system for android devices. 50ghz? That is processor power/speed. DOn't be too concerned with it, your...
  16. iamjoe

    I want phone on silent unless I receive an email from a specific sender

    Check out Tasker
  17. iamjoe

    droid bionic

    check out takser It let you configure all sort of stuff. I'm sure you can set up a profile to stay awake while charging. Here is the wiki on how to o stuff Profiles - Tasker Wiki
  18. iamjoe

    How do I send text?

    you can also send a text message from your list of contacts. go to your contacts select a contact there should be a envelope icon on the right next to their phone number. tap that envelope icon and enter your message.
  19. iamjoe

    Webcam Question

    If you have a static IP address at your home, then it's easy. Go into your router and create NAT for your local IP for your webCam/phone (google how to create a NAT if confused) If you have a dynamic IP then you need to do a few other things. sign up for an account account at No-IP™...
  20. iamjoe

    Auto upload to Picasa?

    ahh, the age old question about media management. I struggle with this all too often. Give android/picassa a look Here is something called auto uploader...