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    hdmi mirror mode

    Is it suppose to be a little slow? Mine is kind of flickery, not majorly but noticable. Is there anyway I can get it to run smoother?
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    need help please

    nope, i guess i didnt save them to backup assitant :(
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    need help please

    Well i got apps back but guess im screwed for getting my contacts back, signed into gmail account and didn't get back my contacts
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    need help please

    how the hell do i get my contacts(i didnt sign up for backup assistant) i dont get it and how do i transfer the apps from the site to my phone? i mainly just need my contacts it seems like ive tried everything
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    need help please

    my bionic died and they sent me a new one how do i get my apps and contacts back? does it automatically back up to my account?
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    video question

    Why is streaming netflix movies so much better quality than the movies I downloaded and put on my phone?
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    best screen protector for bionic

    I'm looking for a screen protector that doesn't mess with the screen at all or mess with proximity sensor, I want it to look like there's no screen protector there and the screen look regular. Which one should I get? Preferably not anti-glare as the screen already is anti-glare without a...
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    verizon is awesome

    So my phone randomly turned off once and I had to battery pull so I took it into verizon store and told them it shut off and they didnt ask me anything or even look at the phone, they just got a new one (they don't have any refurbs yet) sent to me with overnight shipping, took 5 minutes. Cool.
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    hdmi mirror mode

    dude mine isnt just off, it just crackles no sound is heard
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    hdmi mirror mode

    why is it a little slow and the sound is EXTREMELY crackily? can't understand one word they're saying.
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    Should I get a new bionic?

    How exactly would a new bionic help you if you already own one?
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    how scratch-resistant is gorilla glass?

    Can it scratch just from things in your pocket or fingernails etc? Or do you have to drop it and have it scrape on something? I never drop or bang my phone against anything, but I get paranoid about tiny scratches, and I hate protectors because it messes with the look of the screen.
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    Bionic? Or Charge?

    dude bionic hands down, its not even a contest
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    who thinks iphone 5 will be better than bionic?

    If it doesn't have 4g it sucks as far as im concerned, so it's most likely going to suck, lol.
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    are there earbuds

    How about some wired ones with music control/mic, all the ones ive seen on amazon say theyre made only for ipods/iphones? i dont wanna have to charge my earbuds either just want wired ones
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    music player showing the wrong songs

    anyone? they are not protected files btw
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    adding apps to sd card

    all my apps are saved to internal storage how do i switch them from internal storage to sd card?
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    music player showing the wrong songs

    So it just says "error openining file content" and moves on to the next song. its all from one album and they all copied to the phone with only 1 second so how do i put the whole songs on it? i used isyncr to do it
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    are there earbuds

    that looks good except the remote looks ridiculously large, know any with a smaller remote?
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    are there earbuds

    that are comfortable and have a remote/mic that work on the bionic? thanks