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  1. cupfulloflol

    Where are ringtones stored

    /Ringtones and /Notifications on the sdcard are where they should be for custom ringtones/notifications to be recognized. The stock ringtones and notifications are actually on the system partition, /system/media/audio/*folders* which you can't touch without root.
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    Yeah they are. Newer radios won't come until Verizon releases them with the 4.3 OTA. Or the OTA is leaked. Which, who knows how long that could be haha.
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    Screenshot won't work?

    Are you holding it for a second or so?
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    Quicksettings LTE toggle

    Whoever built that PA ROM, likely cherry picked a few commits from a ROM that include it. Like these:
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    volume app needed.

    If you are asking about Volume+, it is indeed on the market ( here ). doesn't work with JellyBean, as the exploit it used was patched making it useless for the Galaxy Nexus. There are other options though. [MOD] [GNEX] BEATS+XLOUDER! 4.1.2/4.2.2 | Galaxy Nexus > XDA <-- that is a...
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    wont flash jb roms

    It is strange that you can't get JB to run on your device, as there should be no reason it can't unless something weird has happened like perhaps your partitions are messed up. But I think that would error out in recovery or whatever you are trying to flash with. E2A: What I mean by this is...
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    how to transfer music from CD to phone

    Will that work with WMA though? I am assuming that is what WMP defaults encoding to. Side note, converting from one lossy format to another lossy format will end up with quality loss. There is lossless WMA, but I doubt that is the default option. So for quality sake, it would be better to...
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    how to transfer music from CD to phone

    I have nearly zero experience with WMP for probably 10 years now, but a quick search found this saying that it is possible to rip to mp3 format. Your device should be able to recognize mp3s.
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    aokp galaxy nexus newest builds?

    You have a few options, if you want to stay with the official stuff (official nightlies) Devices <-- you can find them on their website. They also have an app, There are also a handful of people that build...
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    looking for a new ROM to try.. Which one?

    Flash does basically mean install. About the feature comparison of ROMs, the closest I have seen was this thread (link to a google doc in the OP). It isn't really up to date, and only hits 7 of the probably 50 or so ROMs that exist. Being that there are so many ROMs, some of which update...
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    Mobile Data keeps turning itself back on. GNexus Verizon

    That is strange, I haven't heard of someone's data off re-enabling itself. And I personally don't toggle data, so I have no experience with it. Do you use any apps that may toggle it? One of the battery saving apps perhaps? Profile apps? Tasker? Have you tried using the built in data...
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    16 GB or 32 GB

    How much you have that is available is a combination of a few factors. First, there is the difference in terminology between what manufactures say a KB is and what a computer reads it as (or phone in this case). Manufacturers say a KB is 10^3 bytes (or 1000) a PC thinks it as 2^10 bytes...
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    Error transfering files

    To backup and restore your sdcard contents, that method would be fine. Your apps and some settings can be synchronized with your google account and will be restored upon signing back in post wipe. I see below you experienced this when you got his device, and your monthly allowance in the...
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    Settings/data usage; can I set an exact amount

    The orange line is a warning, so you can set it to warn you at 1.8 or whatever you want. It give you a notification telling you your orange set limit has been hit. You have to check the set mobile limit box for the red line to be changeable. The red line is a hard limit. By that I mean it...
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    Reverse Complete Action With; with set to Always

    Settings > Apps > All (tab at top) All isn't necessary if the app you are looking for is a market app, but for stock app you would have to get off the downloaded tab. Find the app you have set as your default, down a ways there should be a button saying "Clear Defaults". ^ Like that.
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    Error transfering files

    The galaxy Nexus doesn't have a removable sdcard, but it still has an sdcard. Well a virtual sdcard. By that I mean the sdcard is actually a symlink to /data/media . But it behaves as if it has an sdcard. I can go into more details if this doesn't make sense, or you want more info. It is...
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    Error transfering files

    The /Ringtones , /Notifications , /Alarms folders on your sdcard (which is what you are seeing when you plug your device into your PC) are for custom sounds. So say you want to wake up to the sound of a fog horn, then you could put foghorn.mp3 (or whatever) into the /Alarms folder, and you...
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    No by default there is no way to do this. You would need an app or perhaps multiple to achieve this. E2A: Welcome to the forums.
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    Help Rooting+Unlocking my Nexus

    Well at the bottom of your screenshot it says "It will be back shortly." Perhaps, it is something on their end (although I kinda doubt that lol). Perhaps try removing the account and readding it, this sometimes solves some weird problems (usually market issues). Otherwise, I would figure...
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    Help Rooting+Unlocking my Nexus

    What sort of error are you getting? Outside of backing up, what have you done? Have you unlocked, rooted, or anything else?