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    Last Post Wins Version 3

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    Ugly clock on lock screen

    You can change it in your settings. Go to display. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list in the "Looking for Something Else?" section and click on Always On Display (AOD). There you can turn off the AOD, or choose a different clock or feature to have on the AOD. You can also...
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    Notification Tones?

    I don't know if it helps but I use Zedge and the files I download go straight to the appropriate lists. I did have a few issues with setting a notification tone for an individual and having the phone use it as the default notification sound. I deleted the 3rd party texting apps I was trying...
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    Look what arrived unexpectedly for us today!

    So I went outside to listen to the rain and thunder as I like to do on a cool evening. My wife walks out and asks "what's this?". There was a box tucked behind one of our porch chairs, no clue what it was. Sure enough, it was our two new Galaxy S8 phones. That ruined my time enjoying the...
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    S6 Updated to Nougat 7.0

    Anyone else get the update to Nougat 7.0? I received a notification of the update and when I checked it was the new software. .
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    Who's planning on buying the Galaxy S8?

    I just pre-ordered two of the S8 for the wife and I. Sprint/Samsung has the pre-order deal right now to get a free VR headset with controller so we didn't pass up the opportunity to get two of them. Ours should ship on the 21st. I purchased one of the S6s we have to keep as a back-up just in...
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    New Site Lists More Than 1000 OK Google Commands

    Hey, found a new one. If you still have Hangouts you can say, "Make a video call with my wife". My wife won't answer you, but you can try. ;)
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    New Site Lists More Than 1000 OK Google Commands

    Does anyone else have an issue with using video calling on Hangouts with the OK Google any screen detection on? If our phones (previous S4 now S6) have the "any screen detection" (asd) turned on, you can't use the microphone while using Hangouts for voice or video calling. If I go into Google...
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    Contest/Giveaway: myCharge RazorMax 6,000 mAh Portable Charger & More!

    *Contest Entry* I have really liked my S6. I had a blast with my original droid, putting different ROMS on it multiple times, but my S6 has felt good and didn't need to be rooted. I feel like it has all the options I need that ROMS had given me with other phones.
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    Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S6 Now Getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Went to system update and there it is! Excited! :) Time to go plug my phone in.
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    Tim Cook, Larry Page & Tech CEOs Hold Secret Meeting with Top Republicans about Donald Trump

    For years now we have been calling for electing out the career politicians that have been the big part of "ruining our country". The emergence of Donald Trump as a forerunner in the race for President is a result, and possibly the beginning of the end for career politicians, and I think it has...
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    Contest Time! Onda V820W Dual-Boot Windows10/Android Tablet Giveaway

    Check your voted. It isn't in the bold like the rules require. Good luck!
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    Contest Time! Onda V820W Dual-Boot Windows10/Android Tablet Giveaway

    Voted! I have been on Verizon since 1993 (GTE Mobilenet who got bought out by Verizon). I switched to Sprint because I was done with paying almost $300/month for only 15 GB of data to be shared with 4 lines. I switched, added a 5th line, and now have 40 GB of data (and unlimited snail data...
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    Code Black Drone Giveaway!

    Verizon and I would like to switch to a carrier that is cheaper with the same service level. Yep looks like I'm keeping all 4 lines on Verizon.
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    Airframe+ and favorite phone is my S4.
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    As cr6 stated it is only for persons upgrading from an old plan (basic phone) to a new smartphone plan. If you get a smartphone plus the data plan you are required to keep the data plan for the entire 2 year contract so you can pay off the smartphone that was purchased at a discounted price for...
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    how to know if app is successful?

    What is your app?
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    Battery Percentage In The Battery Icon Witout Root!

    I've got it on two phones both S4's and it works just fine. Make sure to reboot the phone after you check the box to activate the hack.
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    Battery Percentage In The Battery Icon Witout Root!

    This is different because it places the battery percentage inside the battery instead of decreasing the battery size and putting the number beside the battery. I just installed it on my S4 and all you have do to is reboot and the number shows up. I think it's kind of cool.