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    Has anyone been using any floating apps?

    It's not a floating app per se, but I highly recommend swypepad. It lets you choose a target area of your screen (mine is where the clock is). Any time you touch and hold that part of the screen for a second, it brings up a menu of apps that you set so you can open any of them from anywhere...
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    ICS features you may not know about

    You can already take screenshots without root. Hold the power key and press home. They save to your camera roll.
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    Recommendations for cases.

    If you want protection and don't mind bulk, the Kraken from AMS is the best case I could find. I've had mine for about two weeks, and love it. To make it work with the extended battery, you have to take your stock battery case and cut out the section where the battery fits (There are...
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    Waiting For My New Rezound....Advice Appreciated!

    FWIW, I get strong 4G inside my concrete block, aluminum roofed building at work. I have llama set to turn my mobile data off when the screen is off, except when pandora is playing. I regularly stream pandora over 4G for an 8 hour work day and leave with a quarter battery. I have the extended...
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    So how many new Rezound owners do we have?

    I got mine three weeks ago. Sadly, I missed the $50 sale, but it turned out to be a birthday present from my Mom anyway. With my $100 discount for upgrading to a 4G phone, plus their stupid ass upgrade fee, I got out for about $170. Big improvement over my old ROMed Droid2Global. The first phone...
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    Rooting "NOT" against warrenty?

    Guys. The federal courts have ruled that rooting is reasonable use and cannot void your warranty. HOWEVER, the things you DO with root privileges CAN void your warranty.
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    Can't backup ROM

    ROM manager and Clockwork Mod Recovery are two totally different things. I was under the impression that D2 users weren't really supposed to use ROM manager. You want Clockwork Recovery, which allows you to make a nandroid backup. Just search "how to make a nandroid" either on this forum, or on...
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    Droid 2 Stuck in bootloader, factory recovery good, any hope for the phone??

    Might be a dumb question... But did you wipe the cache? If you SBF and don't wipe the cache, you'll continue to bootloop until you do, even though the phone is restored.
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    Battery life on CM7

    I haven't found a ROM yet that's as stable, bug free, and battery efficient as Fission. I think I'm going back to it (after I replace my cracked digitizer.. Until then, I'm too lazy haha)
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    No charge from AC

    Are you sure it's not your charger that's at fault?
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    GSM/CDMA Network Mode Toggle?

    Tasker can supposedly do anything to your phone that you can do, on a schedule, I don't see why it couldn't be setup to do this. Llama is another tasker like program that's free in the market. I have no personal experience though, so I can't help you much more than that, sorry.
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    Skype crashing during calls

    Get rid of the task killer. It may or may not be your actual problem, but it is A problem, and losing it couldn't hurt your chances of staying connected in skype.
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    Droid Virgin...

    Does the Sony support exporting your contacts to a CSV file? I'd do that, then import the CSV into google contacts. They'll be pushed to your phone automatically.
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    Rooting vs. Needs

    Please explain to me how rooting made your 3g connection better. I'm dying to hear this.
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    Display not coming on while in a call

    Do you have a screen protector? If so, it's probably covering the proximity sensor.
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    Any way to get stock d2g camera .zip?

    You don't need that. Take your picture. Click the camera roll. Click your picture. Hit the menu softkey. Choose share. Choose messaging. The stock app in hexen will resize the image for you automatically, just like any of the good messaging apps out there (handcent and GoSMS come to mind)
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    Menu and Search buttons don't work...

    Also, be aware that they don't fix phones, they just mail you a refurb. And chances are very, very good that you will get a refurb Droid 2, not an R2D2. Edit: Moto WILL fix phones, if you pay for it out of pocket... But if you're making a warranty claim, they're just going to replace your...
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    Droid 2 Touch screen issue! Before and After Reset!

    This. If your sticker is white with red Xs, it's in good condition. If it's pink with red Xs, it's in passable condition (i.e., it's easily explainable by the phone having been in the same room as you when you took a hot shower... As long as the internal sticker isn't red... Yes, there are TWO...
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    [ROM RELEASE] HeXen ROM 1.0.0 (Froyo) FINAL

    Or the app SyncMyPix in the market works well, if you're like me and don't actually want to have your FB account linked to your phone, just the pics. On a Hexen note: Does anybody else find that their music is randomly 5x speed (or something close) Every once in awhile when I...
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    A CM7 user here...

    To answer your question, no, you can't. The stock app is tied into blur... Removing blur was the whole point of the ROM. Tweetdeck is the most popularly suggested one I see, though (I hate twitter, so I have no personal experience with that app, sorry.)