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  1. GoBears

    Phone battery dies finding signal at work.

    I've been meaning to share this here anyway, just kept forgetting because I don't visit here that much anymore. Hope you enjoy.
  2. GoBears

    Phone battery dies finding signal at work.

    Posted the screenshot showing the rules. Llama is a free download and I recommend it. Can also automatically engage depending on location but I do it manually anyway. I use it whenever my battery gets too low for my liking.
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    Phone battery dies finding signal at work.

    I had the same problem so I used llama and came up with some rules for automatically engaging airplane mode but checking every 15 minutes for messages and mail. If you'd be interested in trying I'll post the screenshots so you can copy the rules. Works fantastic for me.
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    Thinking About Getting A Different Phone

    I also came from a Maxx. I think my S3 is superior in every way except for battery life. I personally would never get the DNA because of the sealed in battery and only 11gb of usable space (no sd card either). Maxx HD I would've considered but the camera is terrible. I think it's even worse than...
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    have you been running the jelly bean leak vrbkl1? how stable is it?

    What is it you want to know? Stop whining and flash it. How are we supposed to know what YOU will like? I absolutely love JellyBean and would never go back to ICS but that's just me. I haven't gotten foxfi to work on any JB rom yet, other than that you just have to flash it and try it. You can...
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    Convince me... S3 over the HTC DNA

    DNA could have been a winner but HTC dropped the ball as far as I'm concerned. I for one will NEVER again buy a phone without removable storage and battery (unless it's a Maxx type device). I'm not a believer in all the "cloud" crap. I want my media available to me no matter where I might be...
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    Traded the Maxx HD for the S3

    I came to the GS3 from the Maxx and the camera is so superior its not even funny. Motos cameras are just awful. Combine the camera with the encrypted bootloader and its a deal breaker for me. Never going Moto again until they improve on their cameras.
  8. GoBears

    the truth

    I don't like the S3. I freaking love it! It has decent battery life, great call quality, good reception and a big beautiful screen. Running a JB rom and it really flies. Excellent phone all around. GoBears!
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    jellybean leak build for gs3 for Verizon reported by droidlife

    No update has been pushed. We were talking about a JB Leak that got out. I'm using CleanRom 4.0 since this morning and its been fantastic.
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    Cracked screen, question and discusion

    Sorry about that. CL is CraigsList. I've seen S3's for Verizon going for 300. Depending on your area and the severity of the crack you might grab 200-250 if crack is very small. If you wait till its nasty and shattered looking well adjust price accordingly. Never hurts to list it and see what...
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    Cracked screen, question and discusion

    Ok without watching the video here goes. For that price the person is going to be separating the glass from the LCD. These pieces are fused together. This is extremely difficult especially for a novice. You will more than likely damage the lcd in the process. The glass/digitizer is fused to the...
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    jellybean leak build for gs3 for Verizon reported by droidlife

    SCrosler at Scotts Roms already has a CleanRom version for this leak and its great. If you're rooted and unlocked check it out. I really like his work and recommend it to anyone looking for a custom stock experience. GoBears!
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    Files deleted samsung s3

    sdcard refers to the internal virtual sdcard. extSdCard would be the external microSD if you had one. Did you restart the phone? Maybe your storage is somehow unmounted? I would try to restart then I would download es explorer from the market and see if anything shows up under that.
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    Text issues, want to open to incoming messages directly

    When I have a new message in Handcent and open up the app, it goes to the list of conversations not the new text message. Might want to try Handcent from the market.
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    Yup. I think if Big Red catches you tethering they auto add the tether plan to your account and/or will cancel your account if you don't sign a new tiered data contract. Either way for how little I actually use it, I figure Foxfi is safer.
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    I use foxfi because I'm on unlimited data and tethering is not allowed for me, so I don't dare use the built in app...just in case.
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    Works great on mine, but another user reported it did not work for her. I'm on CleanRom 2.5 btw which is a G7 based rom.
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    verison update

    Yeah HE is rootable and unlockable. There are already ROMs being based off it as well as a flashable stock rooted rom for those interested. GOBEARS
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    Spigen Steinheil Ultra Crystal screen protectors. Thumbs up!

    Just received my pack of two today and applied one. It's a very nice protector. Very smooth and very easy to clean. I won't go as far as to say it feels like glass but it's very slick especially compared to the Zagg I had on there. It's cut to leave a nice area around the protector to allow for...
  20. GoBears

    Newest GS3 owner :)

    Wonder why it's not working for you. I'm using it as I type this. Hmm well good luck with your hotspot hunt! Wish I could help ya more on it.