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  1. Sandso9

    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Here's my home screen ICS themed CM7X2
  2. Sandso9

    [ROM] Eclipse v2.3 (7/25/12)

    Here you are :) Liberated X2
  3. Sandso9

    [ROM] [GB][2.3.4] Molten v2.2 (11/30/11)

    Quick question is the only lock screen mode the rotary or are there more?
  4. Sandso9

    The First True AOSP ICS Android 4.0 ICS Rom is Here! for the NexusS

    I didn't think cvpcs was working on the x2 he hasn't posted anything on it....
  5. Sandso9

    [THEME] Nastiest Blue Dream & Lean v0.6[Eclipse 1.2]

    Nice can't wait to see more from you guys :)
  6. Sandso9

    [Unofficial] Nexus Prime Boot Screen

    Im a big transformers nut lol I'm rocking this on my Droid X2 right now.
  7. Sandso9

    Boot Strap isnt working

    haha I'm there with ya man
  8. Sandso9

    Getting X2 to replace my X for FREEEE......but....

    Sadly i have to agree on this one.
  9. Sandso9

    Themeing an X2

    i would probably message this guy since he has the best theme for the x2 as of right now :) View Profile: funkencool - RootzWiki
  10. Sandso9

    Im confused.

    No just has to be plugged in and press install recovery allow it with su and then reboot into recovery no need to push any buttons. Im sure what's up there's more people over at XDA if you want to ask them im sure one of them can help you Sent from my DROID X2
  11. Sandso9

    Im confused.

    click install recovery again I've had some problems with the bootstrap not rebooting into recovery but i just clicked install recovery and it seemed to work.
  12. Sandso9

    Im confused.

    couple things is usb debugging on? also do you have the droidx2 plugged into a your charger? it needs to be plugged into the charger in order for it to boot into recovery as for the vzw 2.3 i wouldn't worry about that if you want root check this out and download p3's pre rooted version Official...
  13. Sandso9

    Im confused.

    we use the atrix 4g boot strapper
  14. Sandso9

    Boot Manager - Androids First Multi Boot Application

    hey i sent you a pm but when i try to install a rom on my og using this app it force closes it finishes creating cache.img then it trys to do something else but force close pops up and i cant see what its trying to do any way to fix this or do i have to wait for an update?
  15. Sandso9

    Boot Manager - Androids First Multi Boot Application

    purchased this for my OG now just waiting for some x2 support :)
  16. Sandso9

    Boot Manager - Androids First Multi Boot Application

    thats nice to see cause the x2 just got 2nd init ported over from the atrix and were starting to get roms hopefully we can see this on the x2 as well? :)
  17. Sandso9

    DROID X2 Update Soon! (Gingerbread)

    im getting my third x2 this monday ive had bad luck with this device
  18. Sandso9

    Droid 3 vs Droid X2?

    I have the x2 I like it and all but development isn't going anywhere so probably going to get rid of it and buy a d3 or bionic might have more luck with those devices. Via OG Droid
  19. Sandso9

    [ROM] [ROM BETA TESTERS ONLY] Stock Gingerbread Android 2.3.4 Build GPA16

    Is there a way to make wifi stay on all the time on android 2.3.4 ? Sent from my Xoom using DroidForums