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    Galaxy Note 4 Accessories.

    Has a front cover which I hate
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    Galaxy Note 4 Accessories.

    That incipio is the Lancaster case which is rigid with a fabric front that is also a kickstand. I just hate covers on the screen so skipped this one
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    Galaxy Note 4 Accessories.

    i had not seen them on Amazon last week when I was looking. That said I have accessory disc at verizon so I saved a few bucks and got it instantly. I wish the dual layer I got had a small kick stand though. I enjoy having the phone up on the table while sitting out with a cigar.
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    Note 4 WiFi not backwards compatible with old tech?

    Unless you have entered the developer option area of the phone what I started is not an issue for you. Hopefully you figure out out though
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    Verizon and Unlimited Data

    I guess it really depends on availability of wifi for you. I have it at home and at work so only need phone data in times of outages, when traveling, and to stream in the car. I switched to the 10GB shared option to have overage amount and because we got more off on the edge program. I didnt...
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    Note 4 WiFi not backwards compatible with old tech?

    I had issues when I set my runtime system to ART. I had a few aps that struggled as well so I converted to the older Dalvik and all was fine again. Not sure if you converted but it might be something to look into.
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    Galaxy Note 4 Accessories.

    with tax I paid $22 I believe. I have a discount for accessories so I htink the sticker price was 24.99 or so. Yes the finger scanner works fine. The cutout below the sensor is sufficient in that one can easily lay their finger on the sensor without pushing. The mic holes all line up as do...
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    Galaxy Note 4 Accessories.

    The Incipio case fromt he verizon store is actually pretty darn nice. I am still waiting on a few other cases to come out as I want my kick stand but more stable then the cases out right now on Amazon...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sold 4.5 Million Units in First Month; 500K Less Than Note 3

    I thought that the device was launched in the US around the same time as the rest of the world last year. It just hit the US this week thus driving down this years first month numbers. Couple that with the fact that there were some supply issues and I do not see a problem with this...
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    Nexus 6 Pics: Size Compared to Every Nexus Phone Before

    the page linked at top allows you to select any phone you wish to compare it to. Also have to be careful with the term masses. If you are talking about total cell phone purchases then sure smaller sizes still rule but that is because they are free or nearly so witht he subsidizes plans. If...
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    Nexus 6 Pics: Size Compared to Every Nexus Phone Before

    Considering the sales of the Note series, the new iPhone6, and even the S5 I think the masses have already shown the willingness to go to the phones north of 5" and have been moving closer to 6" for some time. I have a note 2 which is not that much different from the Nexus 6 and it fits in all...
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    Galaxy Note 4 or Motorola Nexus 6?

    so torn on this. To stick witht he preorder of the polished note 4 (have note 2 so used to touch wiz) or go with the stock nexus 6??? Is it sad that the front speakers are a selling point to me. LOL. The lack of SD card support hurts but I think I can deal with 64GB. Though that greatly...
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    Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note 4 Comparison!

    I cant watch the video while at work so curious if someone can give a summary. That said I am caught in this decision in that I have a preorder for a note 4 but the nexus 6 and the fact that it is coming to verizon has me intrigued. I am currently on Note 2 so the touch wiz has no impact on me...
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    Changes Coming to Verizon's EDGE and MORE Everything Plans!

    A new flagship phone comes out weekly it seems. The Note 4 this week, droid turbo upcoming, the nexus, the new LG eventually, ect. It just so happens that the phone you are interested in is right after the switch. Yes I would have liked it to stay at 12 months for the renewal but can deal...
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    Chance of discount on release day? (Verizon)

    Except that the iPhone is only released once a year and Apple could not have the stock sitting around like with the iPhone 5 launch so they are paying for the rebate and notthe carrier. That is why Samsung pulled out the 200 preorder special for the note 4. Witht he churn rate and options...
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    128GB Microsd Card Works in The Galaxy Note 4!

    good to know for those ofus plning to shoot in 4K...
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    Chance of discount on release day? (Verizon)

    yeah preorder through best buy and get $200 gift card or process throught he Samsung refund program. Figure they phone would be 299 on contract and you get 200 back in either of those programs and you are at 100 bucks. Then add int he discounts of a 100 credit for a new smartphone verizon is...
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    Gorgeous 4K Video Shot From a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    The 4K video on the G4 is large selling point for me. It allows me to skip a second hero4 black for my motorcycle. I will mount the phone tot he front on my race bike and use it for video AS WELL AS the telemetry data that some apps give me. Lap times, braking, gas, lean, ect. If I wreck it...
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    [Rumor] Samsung's Gear VR May Have an Overheating Problem After Only 25 Minutes

    I cant see using this accessory daily or a couple times a week to make it worth the money. I would use it once or twice for the novelty and that would be it. Its not like I can use it in the car, office, home while watching tv, ect. I mean I guess it would be good so that the wife knows to...
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    Samsung Getting Hammered in Financials; Expects 60% Profit Drop Year Over Year

    I disagree on the decline of Samsung. Sure they took a one year hit focusing their efforts on developing markets like China but that will serve them well in the years to come. As those markets mature they move into the more expensive phones and if they can integraqte the new consumers into...