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  1. Benton

    Droid 4 or Stratosphere 2?

    The Droid 4 still rocks and frankly in the world of keyboards the D4 rules. The 4G on the phone is solid, battery life is as good as any other 4G smartphone gram for gram, call quality is great and ICS.
  2. Benton

    Droid4 Battery Cover Bulging Out

    It may be time to use your first year warranty and get a replacement sent to you. A battery that has formed into a different shape is likely the result of excessive heat leaving it weakened and possibly unsafe.
  3. Benton

    No Navigation Audio When Bluetooth Connected

    I Google'd the issue you are having with the Sienna and found that just pairing the phone as a phone does not pair all profiles (I got lazy and didn't think of this since mine did on its own). There is a very useful YouTube instruction for Toyota Sienna systems on how to pair your phone as an...
  4. Benton

    No Navigation Audio When Bluetooth Connected

    Interesting experience, I think mine differs. I have two auto docks, both from Verizon (Motorola produced). Using Microsoft Sync (I dislike that product) in my car I set the BT in the car to BT Audio and my navigation instructions are beamed through my car's sound system loud and clear. If a...
  5. Benton

    Droid 4 with foreign SIM

    With a foreign SIM card in the Droid 4 (or any Verizon global ready phone), once in the US you will not be able to use the GSM services of AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. I live in the US using Verizon service and have a Vodaphone account as well for mainly Asia travels. I insert the Vodaphone SIM when I...
  6. Benton

    Bluetooth voice dialing

    Mine works fine/perfect with my Bose BT and fine with the helmet BT however background noise can be an issue when riding...comes with the usage I think.
  7. Benton

    Verizon's CFO Says that "unlimited" is "just a word" and "doesn't mean anything."

    It's just business. Currently Verizon has the best 3G & 4G coverage in the US and as such are the carrier of choice among many travelers as well as younger families that utilize family plans. Once a competitor has developed a reasonably big/competitive footprint of 4G and offer better...
  8. Benton

    Help droped in water.cant powerdown because screen is blank. Batterynot removable!!!!

    Maybe but dropping the phone in water and reviving it by drying it out while off power was still a bit of a long shot even back in the day.
  9. Benton

    Randomly Not Charging

    Two things come to mind: Are you using a stock charger (like the one that came with the phone)? There are quite a few reports of issues with third-party chargers not working well. I do not know if this will solve your issue(s) but did you perform a factory reset after the ICS update? Some...
  10. Benton

    Is the ICS update good?

    It depends on where you are, are currently running an ICS Rom? After an update to ICS your apps will be saved by your Google account and reloaded once ICS is updated to your device. I recommend downloading a text (SMS) backup app and saving all your SMS messages before performing a factory reset...
  11. Benton

    3G not available on ICS? How to roll back ICS to GB? D4 constantly dropping service

    The reply from outsid0r above is correct, you must first be set to LTE/CDMA. Using the Global setting will enable all radios (CDMA/LTE/GSM) which is more or less a waste if you are staying in the US since only the CDMA/LTE signals will work for the reason mentioned in the post above. If your 4G...
  12. Benton

    Droid 4 XT894 Unlock for Forgein SIM Card Help

    It is my understanding that if you have the ICS update, your phone is unlocked for using GSM with another carrier's SIM in Thailand.
  13. Benton

    ICS update...

    Have you rebooted since the update? A lot of us had "glitchy" devices until we rebooted...sometimes more than once if we had a lot of app changes.
  14. Benton

    did ics ruin my text ringtone? captains log?

    I use the same ringtone notification for my SMS as well. The volume on mine is at full and rings pretty loud when a message comes in. You may want to check your volume setting (side keys), is the volume set for all the way up?
  15. Benton

    D4 Battery Case?

    Just thinking aloud ... the inductive charging system(s) available now use a phone back cover that places a charge into the battery via open contacts on the phone body adjacent to the battery. Could a back cover be made that had its own battery built into it that also used these contacts to...
  16. Benton

    Lapdock 500 with D4 on ICS

    For me the difference in Lapdock 500 performance is the single-most impressive improvement between GB and the upgrade to ICS. The GB experience on the Lapdock was clunky, it worked but tended to be a bit laggy and almost always left my phone hot and discharging and remaining warm even after...
  17. Benton

    ics text problem

    My settings in Date and Time are for Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone.
  18. Benton

    ics text problem

    Time stamp works on my SMS. Are you using the stock app or other?
  19. Benton

    A few small complaints

    Disabling the GSM radio should help battery life as the phone will not be on the lookout for qualified GSM signals. ICS enabled the GSM radio and after installation defaults to Global mode. Switching the network mode to LTE/CDMA will disable the GSM radio and the device will work fine within the...
  20. Benton

    "Home" Button registers but does not take action

    Have you tried a reboot (volume down & power button pressed at same time)?