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    Where is google music stored?

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    Dropping application shortcuts.. Why?

    Yes, the problem is that some applications install to the SD card without your knowing it or you've moved it there yourself. When the SD card is unmounted for some reason (I'm surprised it does it to you when you simply power off the phone) such as connecting to a PC or when you explicitly...
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    Equidistant vertical lines on screen

    Those sure look like the digitizer (what makes the touchscreen work by touch) layer. Glad you got it replaced!
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    Spider web crack on Droid x

    Suffer through it until your two year contract is up and swap it out for a newer and better phone. Maybe you are part of the customers who still have the "New Every Two" clause in their plan so you should be able to get a new phone at the end of the first 18-24 months. Check your Verizon...
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    Latest Droid X system update PROBLEMS

    Do a Google search on how to revert back to Froyo using the Linux CD method. It's so easy, a caveman can do it. That will completely wipe your phone and return it back to out of the box Froyo (technically, MY out of the box was Eclair) after which you'll install Z4Root and Titanium Backup (I...
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    Many times going into Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, select the All tab, scroll to Browser, press Clear Data, press Clear cache, press Force Stop, exit settings, and reboot, works for me. That's the long way but it should work after starting the phone back up.
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    Droid X and Gingerbread: only a small percentage of people are having issues

    Too bad Motorola doesn't release individual sales figures for their devices (I have not found any) so it's impossible to tell just what percentage of Droid X users are having issues. Some just live with them, some never report them, some never post, etc. So, none of us can say for sure what...
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    DroidX latest update completely changed my phone?

    1) No. Just scroll left once or right once. That's the same thing, right? 2) No, that's a Gingerbread issue. Who knows why. Some developer thought full brightness was good. Lame. 3) Can you put it in full silent mode before placing it in the dock? (Settings, Sound, Silent Mode)? You can...
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    What do you suggest I do?

    Did you also install the PC Host part? I believe the documentation says that not all phones/mobile devices work with all printers so it helps to have the PC Host part to facilitate that problem. You could also try the PrinterShare app though it's a few bucks.
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    Droid X and Gingerbread: only a small percentage of people are having issues

    All you have to do is read the posts here and other Droid X forums including the Motorola Owners forum. While all phones have their issues, the Droid X has had several and more on Gingerbread. I was so frustrated with how bad the X was on GB that I reverted to Froyo and have been happy since...
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    Should I hold out for the RAZR or nexus?

    Hold out as long as you can and wait for everyone to report their issues. THEN make an informed decision. Go to the store and hold them in your hand. Play with them and, keeping in mind any Droid X problems, see if they exist on those phones. Only after checking them in person and...
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    how do you know when its a Battery issue and not a Phone issue?

    You know by finding another Droid X and another battery, both which you know to be good. Then you swap them. If the other phone's battery works fine in your phone and fails in the other phone, you know it's the battery. Conversely, if the other phone's battery works in the other phone but...
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    Home icons disappear after unmounting SD card or connecting to PC

    While Firefighter's explanation holds water, it's a bit silly to expect the phone to "assume" the apps are removed when the SD card is unmounted or connected to the PC in mass storage mode. The app icons on the home screens are simply shortcuts that shouldn't disappear unless the user...
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    Battery %percentage%

    In my opinion, every battery monitoring app is a close approximation as opposed to a 100% accurate tool though the stock battery info is quite accurate in terms of how much has been used as well as how much is remaining. Any app I've added closely corresponds to the stock info so they all...
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    no way to upgrade baseband without SBF'ng?

    I find it interesting that I got my phone new last year pre-Froyo (Eclair?), was updated to Froyo, was updated to Gingerbread, and then used the Linux ISO image to revert back to Froyo. Rooted and froze updates. When I check my "About Phone" info, it tells me by Baseband Version is...
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    .605 on it's way..............Sept. 19

    There are instructions out there on how to download the Linux ISO file, burn it to a CD and boot to it which automates the process. It worked flawlessly for me. There appear to be better instructions at droidxforums than here for some reason.
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    .605 on it's way..............Sept. 19

    The one that causes the keyboard to disappear when hitting the space bar after the first word typed? That's the most annoying thing I see. It's almost like a focus change between the text entry field and the app in which you are typing. The app acts as if you've dismissed the keyboard and...
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    Back to Froyo, now what's the best process to move on?

    I ultimately did as you said. Once back on Froyo, it activated itself. I applied Z4Root and froze the only updater in the list which appears to work. Restored the apps and data so it's pretty much as it was pre-GB. Why leave GB? It broke too many things, removed valuable functionality from...
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    Camera & Gallery problem

    I've seen this too but, while it seems the picture is not there, a reboot and subsequent entry in to the gallery shows the picture did actually save. For me at least. You might try an immediate reboot and see if it's there.
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    Droid X multi-touch keyboard not working properly

    This "fix" never fixed anything on mine. I get this same behavior in the Browser, Facebook, etc. I especially hate it when I Google something and the keyboard disappears after the first word which apparently makes Google and the browser think that's the only search term I entered. This...