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    Liberty 3 Bugs

    That's a really ignorant thing to say. Liberty GB when through nine different versions of bug fixes and additional features.
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    Battery calibration?

    Definitely a battery calibration issue.
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    [ROM] Liberty 3 - The Eagle soars again!

    It may work fine for you now but if you experience any bugs down the road don't expect to get any support. When a dev tells you the ROM is based on the official OTA and not the leak I would listen to what they say.
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    Stuck on Bootloader from OTA...

    I thought you can't charge your phone from the boot loader unless you have a dev cable?
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    What's up??
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    [ROM] [BETA] CyanogenMod 7 for Droid 2

    Exit out of battery usage with the back arrow soft key, not the home button. Open it again. It should be updated. Sent from my DROID2 using DroidForums
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    Calibrate Your D2 Battery With Zero Downtime

    xda-developers - View Single Post - Battery Calibration Didn't think that it would work, but it totally did. Don't wait for your battery to drain to zero-this guide will calibrate your battery in 15-20 minutes. I take no credit, direct all thanks to zeppelinrox at XDA.
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    Interesting battery consumption

    Plug it in to a wall charger. USB doesn't charge as fast. Sent from my DROID2 using DroidForums
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    [THEME] OreoSlice Liberty GB v0.7+ "Liberty's Favorite Cookie" for Droid 2

    I know the D2 was having haptic feedback problems on the first few versions of Liberty GB. Might want to talk to Jrummy about what his fix was.
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    [THEME] OreoSlice Liberty GB v0.7+ "Liberty's Favorite Cookie" for Droid 2

    Love it but I lost haptic feedback immediately after flashing.
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    Liberty 0.5?

    Jrummy owns a DX and basically copy/pastes a few essential files that are different between the X and 2. That being said, there are different bugs on the D2 than there are on the DX. He could put 0.5 up right this very moment if he wanted to, but do you really want a buggier nightly? The...
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    [THEME] Liberated Honeycomb - GB Edition

    For those curious, this theme does not work with D2's.
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    Drama. Not even worth talking about. Sent from my DROID2 using DroidForums
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    No, it's not. Sent from my DROID2 using DroidForums
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    Liberty Nightlies GB Bug Thread

    Can't change wallpaper or get to accounts the normal way on 0.4
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    Account settings tricks for droid2 GB nightly 0.2

    Using this method makes my phone reboot. Edit: Did and that took me to the accounts page, but nothing happens when I try to add my Facebook account.
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    Friend found a DROID

    Didn't think about the MEID. Thanks, I'll give them a call tomorrow. Just to clarify, I'm not trying to take it! I'm perfectly happy using my D2 :)
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    [Zip File] Universal DX to D2 ROM porter for Gingerbread leak.

    did you rename the backup? make sure there aren't any spaces in the name
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    Friend found a DROID

    Firstly, this phone was NOT stolen. It was left at a friend's work and was never claimed. There are no contacts or recent calls (looks like someone did a factory reset). Now my question is, can I use this phone as a backup in case anything ever happens to mine? If the phone was reported as lost...