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  1. breakingjessica

    Relocating to a new section of DF

    After 11 months of more fun than I thought possible with a phone, my beloved droid died. Verizon was going to send me a refurb, but after playing with the X, I decided to use another one of my line's upgrade for it, keeping my own upgrade intact for later this year. The X is awesome, but I had...
  2. breakingjessica

    {ROM RELEASE}ProjectElite v5 Gingerbread AOSP

    Wow, just wow. Running PE for the first time, and it's incredible. Thanks!
  3. breakingjessica

    [New!!!][ROM] D1-MIUI-

    This ROM is fantastic. Thank you, Jamezelle.
  4. breakingjessica

    Dark Edge for Sapphire!

    I arrived home determined to find a way to kill my real estate agent without arising suspicion, but alas, I find myself oddly happy and calm thanks to this post. Huge thank you to the Dark Edge team and bgill! And welcome back, bgill! Hope you're doing well!
  5. breakingjessica

    Alternate Dark for Sapphire .8.4

    Very nice job!
  6. breakingjessica

    Dark Edge for Sapphire is Coming!

    It's always a downer when men prematurely tweet.
  7. breakingjessica

    Dark Edge for Sapphire is Coming!

    Droid owners are super patient. Sometimes we even wait a full 24 hours after a release before saying "When's the next release coming? Is it here yet? Huh? Huh? WHEN IS IT COMING?! :shocked:" Kidding, kidding. I know it'll take work and time. Still good news though. :)
  8. breakingjessica

    Dark Edge for Sapphire is Coming!

    Per Twitter: @cvpcs DE for sapphire is being worked on and is slated to happen. No eta yet though :) Yay!
  9. breakingjessica

    Sapphire issue with touiteur?

    I think it's an app issue. I use it and Sapphire and haven't had any problems. That did happen once to me on BB though so I reinstalled Touiteur and it never happened again.
  10. breakingjessica

    [Theme] 928Droid Black Glass 2.2 for Sapphire v0.8.4 now available!

    Heh, I had the first version. I think I downloaded it a day or two before flashing it. I just downloaded b and am applying now. Thank you!
  11. breakingjessica

    [Theme] 928Droid Black Glass 2.2 for Sapphire v0.8.4 now available!

    This theme is amazing. Thank you, 928! Quick question - is the power control widget supposed to be black glass in this version? I wiped data/cache before installing Sapphire, wiped cache before installing black glass, and it wasn't themed. So I did it all again, but still no luck. Before I try...
  12. breakingjessica

    I'm finished! My BB setup pictures and home screens :)

    I use Better Cut from the market. That is a great theme, aaronvlee. Thanks for sharing it! I think the dark wallpaper is exactly what I'm looking for. :)
  13. breakingjessica

    What's so special about Sapphire?

    They're referring to battery temps. But I did notice that the system panel app is now displaying my cpu temp again.
  14. breakingjessica

    Features, and Bug-Fixes, and Themes, OH MY! Sapphire - 0.8.4

    Running fantastic so far! Thank you! Are there any plans to add the ability to move apps to ext? The froyo way is good and all, but I'm curious.
  15. breakingjessica

    Nex-TANG Themed Apps/etc.

    Yes, it is. Thank you very much!
  16. breakingjessica

    Post your screen shots here

    Which terminal emulator are you using? The one called Android Terminal Emulator by Jack Palevich is supposed to be better than the other one, which FCs. If that's not the issue though, I think I saw on here that people were having FC issues with the actual music app. My widget kept disappearing...
  17. breakingjessica

    What are these two widgets?

    The bottom one is Mini Info widget (in the market), and I think the other is called Battery Left widget, but I'm not 100% on that. Edit - It's BatteryLife widget, in the market as well.
  18. breakingjessica

    The Great Sapphire Theme Off! - 0.6.2

    I'll probably be shunned for this, but anything other than grey, blue, or red. Something new and different, because there are already a lot of quality themes in those colors to choose from.
  19. breakingjessica

    hey guys meet mayh3m another member of the sapphire crew

    Welcome, and thank you!
  20. breakingjessica

    Battery life

    For me, Chevy's kernels combined with JRummy's ROMs are the best battery life I've ever had. I use his 1GHz LV kernel. I can't use the 1GHz ULV (bootloop), but I've found I can use the 1.2GHz ULV. The battery life wasn't as good, and I only overclock to 1 anyway, so I switched back. They just...