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    Apple May Get To Remove Obvious Features From Android

    really????? so does that mean google can take siri away .....being that we had voice search and speech to text and all that for over a year before that came to an iphone......why would apple (a company who relies heavily on google) try to cut them out like that.....they could take maps away...
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    New User Here - wondering about dropped calls

    no offense but.... I work for verizon and have carried every moto droid excluding droid 2 devour and citrus d1 my x on and 2 d3 bionic and razr NEVER dropped calls and i do my customer call backs on my 53 mile commute .......i also live out in the country a little ways i have...
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    Mainstream Media Starting to Catch On to What We Know about Android vs. iPhone

    Thanks lol I think tying stuff together for that is why I haven't sold one yet it helps people understand things lol
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    Mainstream Media Starting to Catch On to What We Know about Android vs. iPhone

    i work for verizon and the only thing THE ONLY thing the iphone has going for it is its commercials show things about how kids, old people, college kids, CEO's, Teachers, and musicians etc. can bennifit from it we know android can do the same ...and more and can do it cheaper in many...
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    Droid X Custom Boot Logo I'll create

    can you make me a droid x boot logo of this?
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    Broken screen, need to unroot

    on an insurrance claim you can say it is lost....that way you don't have to return it, i know what i'm talking about i do these every day lol insurrance covers everything EVERYTHING lol lost dammaged stolen water all of it so just say its lost pay the deductible and go for it! dancedroid
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    Custom Boot Logos.... Who wants one?

    if the other one didn't work this one hopefully will thanks
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    Custom Boot Logos.... Who wants one?

    i would love for you to make me a boot logo if you're still interested in this!!! I'm getting married saturday and my wife to be saw me making this picture and she wants to use it too!! we would love this its our fav team, player, and our last name!!! i would like it with a black background...