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    Allow automatic updating???

    That is part of my point. Before all of this happened I didn't get any notifications for updates. Also when I went into the market before it wouldn't even show all of the apps I had installed in the my apps part. Maybe since the market update this will work correctly. But it will be a pain to...
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    Allow automatic updating???

    Ok that explains why they are all set to auto update. But why would it update all the apps suddenly? And a side note I haven't received a notification for updates from the market since day one. I prefer to manually update apps cause I like to read the change log. Sent from my DROID3 using...
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    Allow automatic updating???

    So yesterday suddenly I saw my phone updating a crap load of apps. After some checking I noticed that ALL of my apps suddenly got set to allow automatic updates. Wondering if anyone else had this problem. And if its just me what would cause this to happen? I wasn't using the market at all...
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    Droid 3 ClockworkMod FOUND!

    My only response to that is W T F, you need help. But yeah im excited also. Sent from my DROID3
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    Bionic webtop bypass

    I just got to say this. At least under stand the basic commands you copy and paste into a shell on your phone. Im sure lots of people saw what he did wrong when the idiot in that video said "hmm, i dont know what happend there. Oh well i'll just skip that one." Sent from my DROID3
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    So, where is that soak test update?

    Isnt that one the leaked one not the real ota... Sent from my DROID3
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    Question about the soak test...

    Of course. No updates. Sent from my DROID3
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    Question about the soak test...

    So i was invited for the soak test but havent seen anything else from motorola. Just wondering if anyone knew when abouts it will be and if it allready happened and i just missed it for one reason or another. Kinda of cuirious if that question about rooting plays a role in their selection. Sent...
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    Droid 3 soak test to start soon...

    I got mine today, is it worth unrooting for? Sent from my DROID3
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    Gtalk/video chat

    I did some testing and got video calling working on the droid 3... a bit laggy and not the best quality, even on wifi. And some audio sync problems. I used [APP][ROOT] Google Talk 1.3 with Video calling, Now wifi optional! - xda-developers and xda-developers - View Single Post - [APP][ROOT]...
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    How do i undo freeze from adb

    I tried goggling but got nowhere. Knowing how to un-freeze from adb shell would be great to know. Cause if you freeze an app and get an fc loop adb shell would be your only option. Sent from my DROID3
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    What Apps Are We Safe To Freeze?

    If you froze "everything" your phone would NOT be working... Sent from my DROID3
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    What Apps Are We Safe To Freeze?

    BluetoothDun stands for bluetooth dial up networking. Which allows computer to connect to the phone and use it as a modem through bluetooth. It was running on my phone and I don't even ever use bluetooth. Sent from my DROID3
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    [How To:] Root Your Droid 3

    I don't think root matters for insurance. but root does void warranties.
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    [How To:] Root Your Droid 3

    to unroot, you just need to change anything you changed back to the way it was then remove SuperUser.apk, su, and busybox
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    [How To:] Root Your Droid 3

    nope, factory reset only clears the data and cache partitions. the su and superuser apk are on the system partition.
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    Build.prop editing

    Can you explain what each of those do?
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    Frozen Apps

    Figured I'd list the apps that I froze and haven't had any problems. Social Location Amazon Kindle Apps Blockbuster Citrix Receiver City ID DLNA GoToMeeting DlnaSystemService Facebook Authenticator Flickr Authenticator IM IM Presence LastFM Authenticator LinkedIn Authenticator Myspace...
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    Droid Concepts!

    cyanogen can't support a phone that doesn't have the capability to flash a rom yet.
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    Who's wait?

    rooting doesn't/hasn't messed up the droid 3. it's what people do with root that causes the problems. i rooted mine and froze alot of apps. if there are apps/apks that i think might cause a problem i use adb to disable them first so if i get an fc loop i can correct it quickly.