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    New Video Shows Off All the Best Features of the LG G3 in Just 2 Minutes

    That was a very impressive informative video. Holy crap! What providers are getting that phone?
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    Oppo Find 7 Flagship Unveiled with Insane Specs: 2K Display, 50MP Pictures & More

    So will this or won't this be on T-Mobile?
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    ROM Steel Droid Gingerbread Updated For The Droid 1

    That's cool! I miss that phone. It was definitely the best I've owned.
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    Asus Officially Unveils Padfone X; Coming to AT&T This Quarter

    Why does AT&T constantly land good devices? It seems to me like they have a pretty good record of getting exclusive deals on awesome devices.
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    My 30 day T-Mobile Challenge

    Good question jntdroid. Does it use the same network for both and my next question is, if I buy assn unlocked version of the nexus 5 from Google, will it use all of T-Mobiles networks. Meaning HSPA+ and LTE that are T-Mobile specific?
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    Does Asurion still carry the galaxy nexus?

    I just got a replacement phone from them 2 days ago and guess what I got? A Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I was trying to figure out how they still have any of these in stock. Oh well, it works so I'm happy.
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    My 30 day T-Mobile Challenge

    As am I.
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    Gloom & Doom for HTC; Plus Microsoft Suggests Windows & Android Dual-boot HTC Phones

    I would be interested, seriously interested in a dualboot phone! I wish they would do it because I'd buy it.
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    High Price for LTE Rush; Ten Deaths Just This Year From Wireless Tower Worker Falls

    I used to build and upgrade these towers as well. Did it for about a year until I went to another slightly hazardous to your health line of work. Had some good times, some bad times and definitely some interesting times up there. It is definitely more safe now than it used to be but it's still...
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    Editorial/Rant: Ingress Level 8 Agent Reporting. Has Ingress Lost It’s Flame?

    It lost it's luster for me because I never could get an invite! It's been in beta for too long and the invite process blows.
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    Sony Xperia Z Confirmed for US Carrier; Probably T-Mobile (Maybe AT&T Too)

    Before now? Maybe. But by the time they actually get here, they'll be outdated and not on my chosen service provider so probably not.
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    Two Different Colored HTC One Smartphones May Launch Soon: Red Model & Blue Model

    I actually like the idea of different colors besides black, white and silver for devices.
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    Samsung Releases TecTiles 2

    Can these only be used with Samsung devices? If so, why would you use them in place of NFC tags that can new used with any nfc enabled device? Furthermore, they don't seem to be adding any additional capability to what's already out there so why these? Price?
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    Verizon Confirms 4G Disconnect Issues with HTC Thunderbolt; Working On Fix

    Exactly! I have the same issue with my GNex and my solution is the same as the previous response. It's a Verizon issue, not a phone issue.
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    HTC Story 4: Preorders for the HTC One in the US Hit 'several hundred thousand'

    Maybe Verizon didn't want that device and HTC didn't push the issue because they are counting on people leaving Verizon to go to T-Mobile or anywhere cheaper for that matter.
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    T-Mobile Press Event Blows Minds: Amazing Plans, New Phones, LTE & More Full Details

    Seriously keeping my eye on this! They have decent service here in TN but where I work at in KY is nonexistent. Let's see if that 200 mil includes my work area by the end of the year.
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    Problem with new 4.2 upgrade !

    At this point, I'd just like to get the update.
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    Impressive New Game for Android, Called 'Oil Rush' Uses the Unigine 3D engine

    It looks interesting except for the fact my gnex isn't compatible.
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    Does Asurion still carry the galaxy nexus?

    Yes they do, I just got a replacement from them.
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    T-Mobile Confirms Their Unlimited Prepaid 4G Calling Plan Goes Live Today

    Can anyone tell me why when I search for anything nexus in the Google play store, I get crap apps etc but no actual hardware. I'm on a Verizon nexus. Is Verizon keeping me from purchasing the unlocked nexus 4?