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    ★ The Official "I got my Droid RAZR Thread" ★

    Got my droid RAZR on black Friday and rooted it within an hour of getting home.. running the eclipse ROM and pretty friggin happy. Only complaint would be ROM related; no lock screen calendar.. but oh well. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
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    jelly bean

    The developer community is already porting over some JB features to their ROMs.. we'll likely see full JB ROM's well before Motorola pushes JB to our Razr's. I know some are not interested in rooting, just throwing it out there :P
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    [ROM] LiquidICS v1.5 [Unofficial port] - Droid2 Global

    Cool thanks very much for responding. That is exciting to hear since I use TwitchTV and Youtube a lot... going to flash this ROM over later today then
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    [ROM] LiquidICS v1.5 [Unofficial port] - Droid2 Global

    I really want to try this out and thank you 13th angel for porting this over, your work for the D2G is awesome. Can anyone confirm if flash is working on this release? I'm guessing not, but it's really the only thing holding me back from making the leap to ICS.
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    Tummy or CM9?

    I haven't really found any good battery life with any D2G ROM's...
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    3 questions

    Hah, yea that's the ultimate factory reset. GG dancedroid
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    [ROM] CyanogenMod 9 [BETA] (D2G) (8/19)

    Anyone have any luck getting flash to work? Maybe on an older version of the Adobe Flash apk's?
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    [ROM] CyanogenMod 9 [BETA] (D2G) (8/19)

    FYI, just tested this after the new D2G .629 trick and it works great so far! I made sure to boostrap into CWM and make a backup before trying and then flashed this ROM and couldn't be happier, thanks!
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    3 questions

    If you're stock I would factory reset. Make sure you backup as much as possible. Going to lose lots of app data, should be prepared for that from all angles, but each phone could use a good reset once and a while. If you're not stock, there's a thousand things it could be.
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    Root on.629 update

    I was excited to see this earlier this morning, but without any ROM development the only plus side is really just removing bloatwares. Still really positive sign for this phone.
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    Root on.629 update

    Got it from a friend who didnt know any better Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using Tapatalk 2
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    Root on.629 update

    I'm subscribed to most threads regarding this subject as well since I received this phone with .629 already installed.. sigh. Just more of the same really.. just gotta keep checking daily.
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    Possible move over from a D1 to a D2 Global?

    Thanks a lot for the 411 guys... looks like the previous user did update to 4.5.629... looks like I'm stuck in OTA until or IF anyone get's their hand on the leak... sigh oh well, it certainly is faster the my OG..
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    Possible move over from a D1 to a D2 Global?

    So before I go over to Verizon this Friday I thought I would post a question to the experienced.. I have a Sholes Moto Droid 1 (no simcard) with Verizon service and I was just handed a Droid 2 Global today (with simcard). Is it possible to have Verizon transfer my existing service over to the...
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    Facebook UploadManager and PhotoDownloadService

    I have this problem too... I've been reluctant to use the approach of a task manager. But after 4 hours without even using facebook, the uploadmanager service has consumed 11% of my battery usage, it's ridiculous.:mad:
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    Droid 1 for life.

    Can't stop using it... my tech friends keep telling me to upgrade but man I still get such great usage out of my D1, I don't think any other phone will ever be as close to great as this phone was and is.
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    Sourcery 2.2 - Full Version

    I'll be honest, I had a few problems with Sourcery my first few runs thru also... and a few times I ran Sourcery settings things and got bad results. If you have the patience, try and give it the best install possible and you wont be dissapointed. My favorite froyo ROM on the market.
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    I just want to enable Linux swap on leaked FRG22D (NOT Cyanogen)

    I'm sorry.. did OP say NOT CM? Well... maybe I misposted :)
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    Plants vs Zombies

    This has a lot more to do with Gingerbread on the OG Droid... [Request] this post be posted somewhere else as it has nothing to do with the custom ROM. Reason why I say this as most Apps do not recognize apps running Gingerbread on the OG. This is why a lot of gaming apps specifically do not...