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    That would be difficult. I live in tampa, fl so its the sorry buc's or the dolphins. As a 49er fan I would have to drive a long way.
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    Anyone know of a good way to watch the games if you dont have verizon or sunday ticket?
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    ★ The Official 2012 NFL Season Thread ★

    Its going to be a sup-har-bowl. Lol. 9ers are going to take it all the way. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Xparent ICS Blue Tapatalk 2
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    Any thoughts on Droid 4?

    Really??..... your right. I like to make **** up. During the coarse of a work day I would stream pandora as well as some light browsing and the occasional pic and email. All with 4G constantly on and without battery savings apps. But as you previously made sooo obvious I am a total liar. Sent...
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    Any thoughts on Droid 4?

    I would have to disagree. The D4 is an excellent choice for those who need a keyboard. With 4.0.4 you can disable a lot of the battery hogging apps to increase life. I was able to get 14+hrs on stock in a 4g area consistantly. My wife had the razr and the D4 is basically a razr with a keyboaed...
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    Dropped my RAZR MAXX --- Anyone ever deal with Verizon's WONDERFUL insurance???

    This is 100% correct. Just call vzw and ask them to sebd you a new one. You can also go into a store but if its an "authorized dealer" they will want to charge you up to $20 for it. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Xparent ICS Blue Tapatalk 2
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    Droid 2, or Droid 2 Global...How can I tell?

    In settings--> about phone. The phone model will be Droid 2we. The "we" stands for world edition. Sent from my DROID4
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    [Deal Alert] 'Matrix One' 7-Inch Android Tablet On Sale for $59.99

    All i can say is WOW. The warranty alone is worth the price. 1 free replacement no questions asked. Rooted out of the box. This is a steal. Sent from my DROID4
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    Sprint Expands 4G LTE to More Cities & Sprint's Stock is Up More than 140% This Year

    I know that comparatively sprint is not going to compare to verizons coverage. I am getting 4g all over my area now (just north of tampa). But to me its the point. I am not going to let vzw rape me. I dont use an unlimited amount of data but why would i pay the same for less? On top of that they...
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    Sprint Expands 4G LTE to More Cities & Sprint's Stock is Up More than 140% This Year

    I am about to switch to sprint. Verizon is trying to bend me over and not even offering me any lube. I am glad to see this article as i just got a constant 4g signal in my area 2 weeks ago. At least the tampa area is on sprints radar as one of the 100 cities. Did i mention i will save damn near...
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    Samsung and Motorola Counter-Offensive Against Apple; Samsung Going after iPhone 5

    I dont think the point samsung and moto is trying to make is more than to make a point. If apple wants to tie up and have products banned over shoddy and ridiculous patents, then they will go after apple with real patents that can actually cost them serious money and bans. This is a well played...
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    will moto charge me for sending back bionic w cracked screen?

    They WILL charge you for that. I sent back a bionic for a faulty hdmi port and now they are telling me i owe them $299 for it due to a corroded charging port. They say it is water damage, but the phone was never submerged or subject to enough water to cause corrosion. My argument is then its...
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    Chinese company copies Iphone5, patents it in China, set to sue Apple for infringing

    They may have patented the design here but not in china. Good luck apple fighting a Chinese company in china. Lol Sent from my DROID4
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    Then I stand corrected. :) Sent from my DROID4
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    Motorola Officially Unleashes the Droid RAZR HD, HD MAXX & Droid RAZR M

    The max has double the onboard memory as well as a larger battery. My guess is hd @$199, maxx hd @ $249.99. Sent from my DROID4
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    I thought all htc phones had that ability? Try holding the camera or power button and volume down button at the same time. Maybe even a google search on how to take a screen shot with an htc thunderbolt. Sent from my DROID4
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    Sending bionic back. What will they send me?

    I do not have any clear pics of the scratches. They were from a holster case scraping the front side of the phone. Again they were very minor and could not be seen unless you were looking for it. If i knew that it would be an issue, or even thought that it may slightly have impacted vzw to...
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    Sending bionic back. What will they send me?

    You will get a bionic. It seems vzw still has a stock of factory refurbs. Be wary though. I my daughters bionic back with some minor (and i do mean minor) cosmetic "damage" and they sent me an email saying they are going to charge me $299.00 for it. I did not even pay half that for it in the...
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    [ROM] (AOKP) SKYL1N3 Status ONline,Links ONline

    Verizons trying to screw me over, if they do I am thinking of going to sprint and the photon Q or the s3. But man the photon looks nice and has an unlockable bootloader, it will get official JB as i highly doubt the D4 will. I may end up with shizzy service compared to vzw but i will have a...
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    Droid 4 and Verizon 4G - what's their plan?

    I can copy and paste or just plain move files from phone to computer easily via supplied usb cord. Drop box is also a great way to move files from one device to another or to your computer. For light to moderate use 2GB is prolly enough, if you see your about to go over just bump up your plan...