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    Super Dynamite Fishing Cheats

    Root? One question. Is your phone rooted? I just used a program called "Root Browser Lite" and I was able to get to the file. My phone is rooted so I can't test to see if it works on a non rooted phone.
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    Super Dynamite Fishing Cheats

    "ES" Bad, "Root Explorer" Good I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Use the app "Root Explorer" because es didn't work. I tried it but did see the files just like you stated.
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    HTC Thunderbolt front facing camera Force Close *Fix*

    I'm not trying to claim credit for this fix because I think I can't say that I'm the first one to come up with it. I had a problem with my HTC Thunderbolt camera loading then as soon as I switched to the front facing camera it forced closed. This is what I did to fix the issue. Step 1: Go to...
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    Super Dynamite Fishing Cheats

    This is my second post and I just wanted to share the word. I am but an amateur file modder and since I figured this small mod out I figured I'd share it with the people. This is for Super Dynamite Fishing. This mod will enable you to mod your money and ammo quantities. I didn't go down the...
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    Greeting from Larry

    Hey everyone this is my first ever post. I have been reading for a long time but never posting. Well I plan to change my actions. I come across many thing that I would like to share but I never take the time. I created this account now just for that reason. I have to admit. I betrayed the...