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  1. ilikemoneygreen

    recovery in m preview / Brick help

    Hey guys, i forgot to reply to this, im sorry. I have to give it to wugs, he saved me. Wugs worked. I actually had gone to a backup phone, and then saw that. Im still unsure what happened. I should have used wugs in the first place anyway, i knew that from my gnex days. :mad: Im guessing it was...
  2. ilikemoneygreen

    recovery in m preview / Brick help

    Hi all, I just got the nexus 6 this month and its been pretty sick. Ive been trying out different roms for a couple weeks and yesterday i decided to look at Marshmallow. Any who, today i go to the library and needed to tether, and that stock image doesnt have root or anything for the tether. I...
  3. ilikemoneygreen

    Tasker Help

    Hi all, Ok, I havent used this app in a while (its changed a bit) and it seems to be confusing me. Im trying to figure out whats going on with my battery, to do that I need tasker to log my battery lvl and the current time and date to a file. then i can run battery benchmark to drain my battery...
  4. ilikemoneygreen

    Site changes and such

    Hi everyone, I haven't actually been on in a while. Seems proper to let you guys know the site looks good. Really good. It looks quite different, I actually had to take a couple minutes navigating this beast and appreciate the changes. Its been like a year I think. Nice and white. I think it...
  5. ilikemoneygreen

    gun cleaning help

    Just to update this thread, i had spare time today and spent another hour on this. I went to the store and got the wooden rod. i hit the wad of paper out with the wooden dowel rod CJ mentioned, Kats suggest was awesome and that worked, but would have taken me so long to eat the paper out...
  6. ilikemoneygreen

    New Gun Question

    lol, hes not seeing if it works. hes shooting for fun.
  7. ilikemoneygreen

    New Gun Question

    This is kind of a random question but when you buy somebody else a gun is it messed up to go to the range without them and shoot it for the first time? For Christmas my family is buying each other weapons. My dad bought my sister a sweet little pistol, i cant remember what kind she got. Its...
  8. ilikemoneygreen

    Wireless tether

    Hi everyone! :happy3: Woke up this morning with a mediacom message that said my service had been cut off. I didnt feel like dealing with it right then but i still wanted to make my daily internet rounds so i just enabled my wireless tether on the phone. Im having a unique issue with the tether...
  9. ilikemoneygreen

    Getting alerts for advertisements, no idea what app is sending them

    wow a year old thread? ... :icon_eek: air push detector or lookout ads will tell you which apps do this. Just as a quick fyi.
  10. ilikemoneygreen

    New Apple 'Camera' Patent Will Allow Remote Shutdown of Your Phone or its Features

    Good old ilikemoneygreen walks into theater, finding himself the only person sitting through the presentation of Donald Duck; he was quite pleased with himself. Out comes the hot dogs and popcorn. Suddenly chocking on the hot dog and throwing the popcorn to get no ones attention; he pulls out...
  11. ilikemoneygreen

    Nexus 7 [KERNEL] Bricked Kernel

    No offense to the dev or anything but their is no way i would ever install anything labeled as "bricked" to my devices. I would feel like an idiot if it did ruin my device, an i look ahead for things like that. Its one of those simple things that just sell me that its a no no to install.
  12. ilikemoneygreen

    Google Play Store 25B Downloads Promo: Movies, Books, Music and More

    IMHO they could have done better with the music prices. $4 is still not very convincing. i can run into the store, go to this metal bin that has a bunch of random albums for $5.
  13. ilikemoneygreen

    ★☆★ The Official "I got my Galaxy Nexus" Thread ★☆★

    lol to this thread still being alive.
  14. ilikemoneygreen

    HP Planning to 'aggressively attack' Smartphone & Tablet Market with Android Devices

    I own a dv6t, its awesome. My laptop is an HP, my wireless keyboard and mouse is HP, my printer is HP, my laptop sleeve is HP. lol, i like HP. The fact that they would comeout with an android phone sounds pretty good. I would love that. I would not like a WebOS devise, only an Android one...
  15. ilikemoneygreen

    gun cleaning help

    Nice to see you CJM, been a while. You still rocking your nexus?
  16. ilikemoneygreen

    gun cleaning help

    Foxcat, that's an awesome post. Very informing. Just as a progress report, i krazy glued the tip of the attachment to the rod, then was able to pull it out of the barrel. didnt get anything on the barrel, my hands were steady :biggrin:. And the barrel isnt really rusted, i had brought it out...
  17. ilikemoneygreen

    gun cleaning help

    ... anybody ever hear of Murphys law? this gun will now be known as Murphy. think i just broke a nuckle. also hit my elbow in the funny spot on an ammo can... im SO FRUSTRATED. rarely do i ever clinch my teeth and just wail on something in frustration but that has happened.. seeing your...
  18. ilikemoneygreen

    gun cleaning help

    So i was clean an air rifle because it was pretty dirty and was out in rain. i think i was over ambitious with some tissue paper. its a higher quality beemon so i dont want to junk it. But to make a long story short, a whole tissue is stuck inside the nose of the barrel. Ive tried lots of things...
  19. ilikemoneygreen

    [Project] Homemade Droid 3 Car/Desk Dock

    How to Build a Car Mount for Your Cellphone from Office Supplies thought this was genius. Trumps you in simplicity. :biggrin:
  20. ilikemoneygreen

    Apple v Samsung Epilogue; Real Impact of Case $12B ; Verdict Likely to be Overturned

    Gizmoto though, i cant say i appreciate their articles much. They are on the lower end of my news reading todempole. (probably completly at the bottom) *while reading this though, they do link groklaw which i find very competent. good stuff.