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    CPU questions referent to Note2 vs GS4

    Thanks for the response. I have just been reading about the respective GPUs and I realize that I cannot really contextualize their properties, making it difficult for me to differentiate their impact on my usage. Therefore, I will share my usage parameters; they're not real demanding or...
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    CPU questions referent to Note2 vs GS4 it sez: Truth is, I don't really think that the 4x 1.6 of the Note2 will be noticeably slower than the 4x 1.9 of the US version of the GS4, but I'm curious as to your opinions., while I'm at it, both devices are going to have better displays than my Bionic (apart from the LCD vs...
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    NEW Lapdock

    Maybe not.
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    Please support this thread regarding the RAZR

    It doesn't suck for this Bionic owner; this is a great phone which has been bug free for me since launch day. It's natural for smartyphone geeks to get antsy and excited when new devices come out; it's also a fundamental that we live in a materialistic, consumer - driven culture, as do the...
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    CPU usage

    That's exactly how it has been happening for me. I've posted this same post on another forum, but no one has responded on there, either. If you figure anything out please let me know. Thanks. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
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    CPU usage

    A few days back I got some good help on this forum concerning CPU usage during video playback. Essentially, I was getting CPU warning notifications reading usage at >90%. After flashing Unleashed and ensuring that both cores are running at 1ghz. I am still showing 70-80% usage after 10-15...
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    Noob neediness

    Gentleman, I hope you don’t think that my lack of response for the latest round of helpful responses indicates ingratitude, ‘cause that would be far from the truth. In the spirit of actual learning, I have been busily tinkering w/ my Bionic even while referencing the helpful and...
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    Noob neediness

    Howdy all, I have been heavily scrutinizing the Rooting sticky, as I would like to root my Bionic. As the thread title says, however, I am need of some answers to questions that many here might see as fairly basic. I am not new to Droids, having had the OG Droid until launch day for...
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    Any good apps?

    @Ziggie (if that is your real name); ...having looked at the 'sticky' thread titles on each of the Bionic forums herein, I can only say 'Meow'. Iullus Cornelius Smegmus Magnus Pantocrator
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    games on lapdock exactly do touchscreen controls translate to the keyboard - locked method implicit to the lapdock? I tried playing Angry Birds Seasons, but without much luck. Thank you
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    Any good apps?

    Could someone please give me a fairly, though not excessively, detailed explanation for why I should not use a task killer? It may be idiosyncratic, but I hate the fact that my phone opens/runs apps without me willing it to be so: However, being the eminently reasonable man that I am, I am...
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    Best video player app on Bionic?

    I've been using MX Video Player because it plays a greater range of formats than does the stock player; it also has touchscreen controls for settings like sound/brightness, etc. Sometimes it needs to force close after saying that it cannot play a file that it has already played, however. I...
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    case for extended battery

    ...was hating the standard battery, so I got the extended, which requires the (provided) extended back. I am hoping someone here might know of a nice silicon (or other non-hard, non-bulky) case that will fit it. Thank you Iullus Cornelius Smegmus Magnus Pantocrator
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    Video playback excruciatingly poor

    Howdy all, Having very aggravating issue(s) with playing videos: They are exceedingly, and maddeningly, grainy; there also tends to be large, bright areas on figures/objects at times which are poorly rendered, even in relation to the general graininess. I have had these phenomena appear w/...
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    noob rootin'

    ...don't mean to keep harpin' on you about this, but I can't pass up the oppurtunity. Does the fact that I would lose app data mean that I would not lose the apps themselves? What about bookmarks/contacts? Also; if I unroot, and factory reset, would that reinstate the stock bloatware...
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    noob rootin'

    Thanks for your response. I want to root my Bionic. ...regarding what you said concerning what is/is not able to be backed - up: Does this indicate that I will lose data/apps merely by the process of rooting?
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    noob rootin'

    Howdy all, Had OG for last 2 years, now I have the Bionic. Have never rooted; now I want to. I see that there is that Pete's 1 click root/unroot: Has any one here used this? What, exactly, will I see on my phone's screen once it is rooted? Will I need to reinstall Gingerbread? Will...
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    lost bookmarks

    Howdy all, Gots me my Bionic, but I don't gots me my Bookmarks I had on my OG: I thought they would travel, as my Contacts did, w/ my Gmail account; apparently I was incorrect. ...anyone have any idea if these are recoverable? Thanks for any and all help. Iullus Cornelius Smegmus Magnus...