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  1. mozar

    will we get key lime pie?

    You weren't duped that's the first sign a phone is getting discontinued. They sell off the rest of the stock for cheap then bring in a newer model.
  2. mozar

    Which is your favorite basketball team in NBA ?

    As a Bulls fan I wouldn't have either on the team. Neither can play defense. Boozer can't do anything except yell about getting a rebound. Amare is to much have a money risk since no insurance company would insure his knees anymore. Would we be hurt by not having either? I doubt it since both...
  3. mozar

    Which is your favorite basketball team in NBA ?

    Amare would never be a good fit with Rose as the #1 guy. They are both depended of the ball being in their hands. Its the same reason Carmelo Anthony and Amare don't play well together at the same time. As evidents by the Knicks success with Amare not playing a single game this season. That...
  4. mozar

    Droid Forums Would Like to Wish Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Be safe, and enjoy the feast.
  5. mozar

    ★ The Official 2012 NFL Season Thread ★

    Why can't you compare the 2 young head coaches? I bet every Cowboy fan would still be complaining about Tomlin if he was in Dallas. A good coach can only take talent so far in terms of winning. I found that story about Jerry Jones to be a good...
  6. mozar

    ★ The Official 2012 NFL Season Thread ★

    Garrett is still a relatively young head coach. He didn't inherit the Steelers run game and strong defense like Mike Tomlin did in Pittsburgh. Just like any young play he is going to make mistakes. Plus it doesn't help that Jerry Jones has pretty much drafted very poorly over the last few years...
  7. mozar

    Questions on Bionic Replacements

    If you don't have insurance then Verizon and Asurion won't replace it.
  8. mozar

    ★ The Official 2012 NFL Season Thread ★

    And its Romo who throws the INTs, its the horrible o-line that gets Romo sacked, the defense that isn't playing to the high level that was expected, really the list can go on longer but you get the point. Everyone should be blamed for the Cowboys failures. Its not just a coach, owner/gm, or one...
  9. mozar

    2012-2013 NBA season tips off

    I was 11 when i became a bulls fan. I guess you can say i am a life long fan since i'm 31 now. Went though the dark days, the high schoolers, and now with Rose. If Rubio was healthy i think the Wolves would be the surprise team in the West. In the East i think the Cavs could be very...
  10. mozar

    2012-2013 NBA season tips off

    I already know my Rose-less Bulls will struggle in the beginning. I'm ready to see how the retooled Lakers will do this season. I doubt they have enough to get past the Thunder, even with the James Hardin trade. I also want to see which team rules New York.
  11. mozar

    Ics soak test has begun!!!!!!!!

    The good ol space and rocket center!
  12. mozar

    Ics Update

    The update doesn't go out by state it goes by the phones IMEI number. The updates doesn't care when or where you got it.
  13. mozar

    ★ The Official 2012 NFL Season Thread ★

    Just curious how can you call him a fanchise QB after 7 games? Just look at Matt Cassle(spelling) to see how that worked for the Chiefs.
  14. mozar

    Creator of Humorous Fake Steve Jobs Blog Calls New iPhone and Apple "Boring" Tron:Legacy Disney hit Apple right on the head lol
  15. mozar

    Who thinks this NBA season will be cancled ?

    Something fishy is an understatement. Everyone knows the NBA wants the Queen and his two court jesters to win the championship.
  16. mozar

    Samsung notification light

    The Galaxy Nexus
  17. mozar

    Help topic

    As far as I know it does. Sent from my SCH-I510
  18. mozar

    Help topic

    No it doesn't Sent from my SCH-I510
  19. mozar

    Who is jumping ship for the nexus

    If my wife lets me take her upgrade I'm jumping to the Nexus and I'll give her my Charge.
  20. mozar

    Will GB OTA improve battery?

    i've had the ringtone value issue and my speed dial settings don't work like they used to either.