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    I've been a swype fan since the early beta's. Tried all the rest, but always come back. The version included on the S4 isn't the full product from what I can see, but very close and more than functional for how I use it!
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    Ok, I've read that the Samsung firmware doesn't allow Bluetooth phone calls while something is plugged into the headphone jack. I've confirmed this in my car (2010 VW Jetta, which paired fine for phone, downloaded phone book fine, but doesn't do Stereo audio :( ). Does this program allow for...
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    Wireless Moot

    Another satisfied customer on .247.....and all for the incredible price of reading! Thanks guys!
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    Wireless Moot

    Ok, finally caught up on this darn thread, and now it's later than I'd prefer to start the upgrade from .232 to .247.... Would you all mind not filling another 20 pages for me to read tomorrow so I can get on with this?
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    Wireless Moot

    Double like...what? This isn't Facebook?
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    Wireless Moot

    Ok, maybe this is a silly question, but are those of you checking the server for an update on .905?
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    all ICS leaks have been taken down

    If they pushed it out quickly, how would we know it's any better lol! While I would love the OTA, .232 is working great except for a few little things that I'm guessing won't get fixed before anyways....
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    cannot connect to wifi after .235! “avoided poor internet connection" message

    Have you tried deleting the connection and re-establishing it? If you have, you may want to run the Samuri script again and reload .235 again. He just updated it again tonight, it now runs thru RSD, couldn't hurt.....
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    Downgrade to 902 - No app or data loss

    The truth is, anyone that doesn't appreciate all that you've done and are still doing, shouldn't speak up. No matter how easy you make it, there's still the opportunity for someone to misunderstand any given step. Use your judgment, I think the majority of us will follow no matter what ;)
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    Downgrade to 902 - No app or data loss

    If it's easier for you, and I'm guessing would open up more options as well, why are you asking us? lol, go for it!
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    Who is waiting for the OTA ICS??

    This is close to what Motorola is trying to do, but we're in the beginning phases. Their three top phones are almost identical and are getting upgraded pretty close to one another, I'm guessing moving forward the differences in their phones will be minimal, qwerty or no, etc. Then the upgrades...
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    cannot connect to wifi after .235! “avoided poor internet connection" message

    After clearing the cache, delete the wifi connection you're trying to use, reboot twice, then try setting it up again.....
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    cannot connect to wifi after .235! “avoided poor internet connection" message

    Did you clear the cache? I would start there and then do a couple of reboots.
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    Downgrade to 902 - No app or data loss

    Samuri, Sargent, and the rest of your counterparts, I can't say thanks enough! Everything ran flawlessly! To think, the hours I spent on both my OG and X setting things up, even with MyBackUpPro, and all that was needed was this incredible script. I don't have long before most of the kids are...
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    Lapdock 500 Hardware Fully Functional on ICS Leak .2233

    Has anyone found a list of new key commands with the ICS version of the lapdock? While I like the speed of 3.0 better, there were a lot of keys I used before that are now either disabled or different. The one I miss the most was the ESC key working like a back button. Now it pulls up voice...
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    6.7.2233 Leak (My Expiriences)

    Only issue I have is the fact that the notification bar has been shrunk and all the symbols are grey. They're hard to distinguish from one another now :( I'm guessing the bar got smaller because this phone wasn't ICS native and has the physical buttons?
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    Bionic ICS Leak v 6.7.2233 (Android 4.0.4) [download link]

    I backed up and reloaded from My Backup Pro without any issues except Rhapsody, and that problem was a device count issue (new phone according to then, makes sense actually). I've used all the app's I restored without issue...... Just saying.
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    New ICS Leak for Bionic

    I live on the fringe of an extended area and had constant problems with not just 4G, but data in general before ICS. ICS on my bionic has been like buying a new phone, when data drops (and its been rare) it connects back up immediately. I know how you feel, .905 solved problems for so many...
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    DjrBliss Comes Through! Releases ICS Leak Root Exploit for the BIONIC

    I did mine on a W7 x 64 machine and it worked. It recognized it, installed the drivers except the MTP ones, but the script ran and worked, go figure.
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    ICS Tips and Tricks for the Razr

    Can't say enough about the ICS update on the Bionic or some of these shortcuts/tricks. Keep 'em coming!