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  1. Brennan_Huber

    Nexus 7 (2012&2013)/ Nexus 10 users get ready for some Kit Kat

    Flashed my Nexus 10 back to stock just to get ready for it. Been waiting for this for a while now.
  2. Brennan_Huber

    What do You Guys Think About a Nexus Smart Watch?

    Only if it comes with a built in GPS. Cause then i could justify it for my running. Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  3. Brennan_Huber

    [Rumor] Motorola Prepping Phablet Called Xplay & Droid Ultra Successor Called Quantum

    I would love a moto phablet.. But there's no way I'd get it if it were 6.3. Im thinking 5.7 is optimal for a phab. Maybe 5.9 with onscreen keys. Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  4. Brennan_Huber

    Conspiracy theory, your thoughts!

    No. Sounds like a bad charger to me. Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  5. Brennan_Huber

    The Next BIG Theme! BANX!

    Wasn't sure about it at first. But after a few days, its by far my favorite. So well made. I highly suggest it. Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  6. Brennan_Huber

    Another Leaked Pic and Spec-list Arrive for the Nexus 5

    A possible verizon version has been leaked too. Seems legit to me.
  7. Brennan_Huber

    {Theme} Invaded CM10 XHDPI

    Full version now free on the play store. Thank you for the support!
  8. Brennan_Huber

    4.4 or troll job?

    Yeah I got to thinking about the PA per app color. Could be that, good call! But I seriously doubt PS because you can see the pixels from the shot. But yeah if they were on PA then this would actually be very easy to recreate. Just edit the dialer and MMS and you're good. But it was for sure...
  9. Brennan_Huber

    4.4 or troll job?

    I think that's to much for a hoax.. I know people will go to extreme lengths just to get some fame. But we are talking about some work here.. Redesigning the dialer, making the status bar to change to the color of the app. I have made a few themes and that'd be way to much work for me just to...
  10. Brennan_Huber

    Many, Many Droid X Issues [2013 Sept] [Update Zip] System Version 45.621.10.Verizon.en.US And to active.. *228 option ... Honestly I cannot remember, I believe 2 but it could be 1 haha Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  11. Brennan_Huber

    {Theme} Invaded CM10 XHDPI

    Android dissects theme of the week! Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  12. Brennan_Huber

    {Theme} Invaded CM10 XHDPI

    I appreciate the kind words! Makes it worth creating these themes. Thanks man! Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  13. Brennan_Huber

    {Theme} Invaded CM10 XHDPI

    Hugeeeeee thanks goes out to Nemo.A he made the wallpaper and the preview. And gave me tons of encouragement (if that's the word hahaha) Other thanks go to all the staff here at DF Jeems gave it some test runs too, thanks for that man. NMiltner gave me some huge help at the end whenever it...
  14. Brennan_Huber

    {Theme} Invaded CM10 XHDPI

    Whats up guys?? Its been a while since I last dropped a theme, and this is my first one that supports my GNex (and other XHDPI devices) Introducing! Invaded CM10 theme for Theme Chooser!! I have been working on this theme for nearly 8 months now.. Just been super busy with track season (and...
  15. Brennan_Huber

    [OPEN] What is YOur Next Device?

    I personally will be buying the Note 3. And then in a couple months I'll be buying the parts to build my own desktop. Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  16. Brennan_Huber

    Galaxy Note 3 Specs Confirmed; 5.7" Display, Snapdragon 800, Android 4.3 & 3 GB RAM

    This is what I was hoping for! I'll be buying on now! Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  17. Brennan_Huber

    Share what your favorite app from your Android Smartphone and Win an Awesome prize!

    Hacked Pandora! All the music with unlimited skips and no ads! Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  18. Brennan_Huber

    Screen on while charging.

    Then go into settings -> about phone. And touch the build number 10 times and it should pop up in the settings Edit: build number not android version.. That is for the easter egg. Sorry man I'm delusional tonight haha Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices
  19. Brennan_Huber

    Screen on while charging.

    That is a setting under Settings -> developer options -> stay awake Uncheck and you're good Edit: wow.. Forum hopping, I'm not in the forum I thought I was. But nevertheless still should be the same. Tapp'd from one of my Nexus Devices