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    Bump'n dancedroid
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    Question about MIUI themes

    It depends, this is the case sometimes though. The themes I downloaded from here seem to be fine though: [16 June] MIUI Themes - with new wood 3d view theme.. - xda-developers
  3. Jordan8

    Market Update

    It's been rolling out to phones for a couple weeks now. They can download the .apk if they don't want to wait for the update.
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    & it's live. See the @OP for info.
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    If everything goes as planned, expect a release in about 2hours.
  6. Jordan8

    New user, data usage questions.

    I'm not sure what media storage is, but I'm pretty sure "Streaming Media" is more pandora usage.
  7. Jordan8

    Least problematic Droid

    Lol @ that ^ But, I've not had any problems to speak of out of my Droid X. The GB update makes it much better stock as well if you don't plan to root it & what not.
  8. Jordan8

    Verizon Insurance

    If the phone still works(just the screen messed up) he could still probably plug it up to the computer & unroot via adb
  9. Jordan8

    Droid X has not gotten gingerbead update??

    If that doesn't work, he is running STOCK correct? He won't be able to update if he has any bloatware removed or anything like that.
  10. Jordan8

    Best Droid X case

    For a slim case I use the otterbox commuter with a steinhill screen protector. The outter shell to the commuter is plastic, so it slides in & out of the pocket really easy.
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    UPDATE Even though it doesn't seem to be getting much interest on this forum, I've been working on converting the script to support multiple forums. While doing this I used DroidForums to test. I think I have everything working(easier to add new forums in the future as well)... but I'm going to...
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    [ROM] [BETA] CyanogenMod 7 for the Droid X

    Works fine for me, I don't have security or anything on my wifi though.
  13. Jordan8

    How do i..

    It's definitely a better idea to figure out why your screen isn't auto turning on & off. Your face will hang up on people & what not if the screen doesn't turn off. I had this problem, my screen was staying on & causing me to hang up on people.
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    Though it hasn't been a problem for me, I've been working on an option to where you can set a limit on how many notifications you receive per hour. Edit: Feature is now live. You can specify the maximum amount of notifications you wish to receive per hour.
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    LINK is a WordPress I created earlier today. Has some FaQ & things like that if you're interested.
  16. Jordan8

    What droid is currently best

    IMO, the DX is a pretty nice phone ever since it's gotten 2nd-init support. ROMs such as CM7 & MIUI have been rolling out for it recently. It really just comes down to what you need/want in a phone. Do you want a physical keyboard? 4G? Screen size? Etc.
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    Sounds good, thanks :)
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    What other forums do you read

    DroidForums & RootzWiki is pretty much all I use.
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    This is BETA(Though everything seems to be working flawlessly) Forum Notifier alerts you when it sees a new post of a user quoting you on a supported forum. The supported forums are polled once a minute, meaning you should receive a notification within a minute of the post. Forums currently...
  20. Jordan8

    Droid X Gingerbread Wireless Tether Workaround

    If you're just tethering to a computer & don't really need for it to be wireless I would just use Easytether Pro. It's working without any problems for me. I'm not sure if it's still in the main market, but it's on amazons appstore.