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    The Epic Quest of Getting a Droid X on 7/16 (without shipping)

    I went to the verizon store today MISSED IT BY 30 MINUTES! ARAGHAGRHGHGHG! they were still selling it to other people when I was there. now i have to wait until the 23rd :( however, the rebate was instant. i paid $200.
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    Droid X: A Few Handy Hints

    To search, press search. I like that one too haha
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    Verizon 3G Upgrade Details Leaked!

    Can I get some conformation on this?
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    maybe a dumb question, but...

    1 year contracts instead of 2 year.
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    Question about Upgrade Eligibility

    Question about Upgrade Eligibility and the "Buddy Upgrade" Hey, I had a question about the semi-fine print in the special upgrade offer for verizon. Though I read that the current offer may not be the one specifically for the Droid X, let's just assume it is for the sake of argument. My...