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    Droid Acting "Possessed"

    Thanks 19DroidRage84. I appreciate the suggestion (warranty return.) You're right, I probably should have searched more thoroughly. I did a search and found only one other ("Droid Acting Crazy.") but that was slightly different. Appreciate the reminder.
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    Droid Acting "Possessed"

    Help! My Moto Droid is only a few months old and today it started acting like it has a mind of its own. When it powers up, it immediately starts "clicking" on apps and enters random info, dials numbers, etc. It's as if someone is randomly selecting apps and touching anything and...
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    Froyo? What is it?

    What is "Froyo"?
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    Is there a quick way to end a call???

    Nope, not me either. Wish I did.
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    More Froyo

    WHAT "dots"? What dots are you referring to. That sounds like a neat trick ("tool" actually) but I can't figure out how to do it.
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    Moto Droid Memory Card Not Recognized by PC

    I'm trying to transfer files from my PC to the Memory Card in my Moto Droid. It seems to pop up as "Drive H" in Windows Explorer but when I click on it I get the message "Please insert a disk into Drive H". I've reformatted the memory card, unmounted and mounted it. What am I missing?
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    Motorola Droid Case Reviews

    WOW! Just checked Amazon again and it's listed for $.21 (TWENTY-ONE CENTS)! Premium Horizontal Leather Pouch Case for Verzion Motorola Droid A855: Cell Phones & Service No kidding.
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    Motorola Droid Case Reviews

    I bought this Premium Leather Pouch from Amazon. THREE BUCKS! Premium Horizontal Leather Pouch Case for Verzion Motorola Droid A855: Cell Phones & Service I was skeptical, but when I received it, it was exactly as advertised. Excellent quality and you can't beat the price.
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    Removing Verizon Droid Case

    Thumb Slide Technique to Remove Droid Battery Cover It a bit tricky the first time or two but here's the way I find it easiest. I call it my "Thumb Slide Technique." Hold the Droid battery side up, with the camera closest to you. Place both thumbs on the "M", figures underneath (on the...
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    Run App Designed for Windows Mobile?

    I have a research app that is designed to run under Windows Mobile. Is there any way to run that on my Droid?
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    Looking for app for when I'm sleeping

    Timeriffic is Terrific Based on the recommendations in this thread I installed Timeriffic, free version. I needed something to change Ringer and Vibrator settings at specific times AND that I activate and deactivate other settings at any time with a "click". (I created one Profile named...