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    is it just me?

    Well I returned my iphone 5 for a Motorola Droid and couldn't be happier so yes I think the Motorola Droid line is being overlooked it's amazing how word of mouth and advertising can trick people.
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    No more speed dial...

    I don't know what people are complaining about this solution works just fine Thanks.
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    music help!!

    One thing I notice with this is if you buy music from Google or Amazon it by default downloads to internal memory. There is no way to automatically download to external SD card
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    notification light help

    Lightflow is your answer.
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    Loving the Razr HD

    I'm very picky and let me tell you I love my Droid Razr HD, just an overall awesome device I even like the light Motorola overlay.
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    Razr HD Cases?

    I'm waiting on the Otterbox commuter which looks like a winner. I just hope it doesn't make the phone TOO big.
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    Weather widget Update

    It updates when you tap on it. I'm digging the circle widgets also.