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  1. nikecar

    Andru Chargers will Put a Smile on Any Android Lovers Face

    because its $25 more than I want to spend with my included charger. Now if it was a portable charger with like 2,500 mah then great. That think doesn't even have a cable that comes out of its head., you have to insert one, which causes you to carry 2 items, the cable and the robot.
  2. nikecar

    Just Swapped for a Rezound

    you can get the extended battery on the Rezound. Before ICS, my rezound would drop data too. since then, its wonderful.
  3. nikecar

    Things Grow Bleaker for HTC; Earnings Nosedive 79% in Q3 of 2012

    false. I have FoxFi and I can use it to connect with my tablet. However, technically, wifi won't work, but Blutooth does work. It was for me when the Rezound initially came out. I laughed at "Beats" word up!... then I researched months later due to a warranty claim on my other phone, and got...
  4. nikecar

    Watch the First Human Supersonic Space Jump

    direct YT link. The redbull page keeps giving me a JS error, but it has info on speed, altitude, etc... Live Broadcast | Red Bull Stratos
  5. nikecar

    What in your opinion is the best bluetooth headset?

    I have the Bose one and its pretty good. pricey, but good, but since it was a gift... :D
  6. nikecar

    Just Swapped for a Rezound

    to the OP.. Welcome to the Rezound family. We don't hate on others when they have to leave the family, unlike others.
  7. nikecar


    could you elaborate??
  8. nikecar

    how to auto switch-on (on alarm) my android device then make it play radio or music ?

    I'm testing on AlarmDroid. will let you know shortly. EDIT: nope, didn't turn on.
  9. nikecar

    Is anyone else dropping Verizon when they're contract runs out?

    Thanks for your opinion, but i've gotten some noobs hooked on Android products and they love it. I like the customization you can do, rather than being told what you can do (i.e. Apple) with their "icons". I like that I can still use iTunes and have Google Play Manager sync the music...
  10. nikecar

    Things Grow Bleaker for HTC; Earnings Nosedive 79% in Q3 of 2012

    I like Sense over Samsungs. i like Sense over Moto's...
  11. nikecar

    Google's Play Store Revenue Soars

    I think several discounts like we just had, help. I've bought more (even at $.25) than I did in a year. each day I'd buy at least 2-3, and previous sales too. I had gotten an app last year and got another app from the same developer this time around. Same with Where's Perry. I wanted it when it...
  12. nikecar

    Lawmakers ready report on Huawei, ZTE spying claims

    The House Intelligence Committee will release a report Monday, following its probe into espionage charges against the two telecommunications-gear makers. Also, "60 Minutes" will air its investigation into the company on Sunday. And his is why I wouldn't get either of these companies. Nor...
  13. nikecar

    [Rumor] More LG Optimus Nexus Rumors Emerge with Detailed Specs

    i dont need an sd card on the n7, but i do on a phone. I put more movies on the phone when Im in line at a theme park. I cannot and wont walk around somewhere like that with the n7
  14. nikecar

    Asurion is willing to give me a RAZR

    but if you bought the extended battery and installed it yourself, you don't need to retrn that. Return the phone as you bought it from VZW, which was with the standard battery.
  15. nikecar

    Video Conversion

    Hi all. Today, Giveawayoftheday is offering a free copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. I know DVDCatalyst is a sponsor, but free is free. No disrespect. I've used this program and it works, although I've not used the latest version yet. There are preset options such as convertion to AVI,MP4,FLV...
  16. nikecar

    Should I wait to file insurance claim on my Rezound?

    i had an incredible 2 that had a bad pixel in the camera. I dealt with it for months. then about 3 weeks before the normal warranty expired, I went to exchange it. Told me they were out and I had to get a Stratosphere as replacement. I disagreed and eventually, after arguing my point and specs...
  17. nikecar

    Sprint Expands 4G LTE to More Cities & Sprint's Stock is Up More than 140% This Year

    yeah... I hope that by 2 yrs from now (or 1.5) LTE for Sprint will be here, especially in the rural southern part of Hillsborough County. I'd switch if the service is good. Usually the folks with Sprint I talk with now sound crappy, so i'd think in that time frame, it should get better.
  18. nikecar

    Verizon cancel your account for "excessive data usage"?

    Please stop with this. Its like going to Golden Corral or other all you can eat buffet. We paid X amount to eat. If you eat less than Bubba, Bubba isn't the cause if prices go up. VZW wants more revenue so they did this. plain and simple. If no one went over 2GB, they'd justify it by saying...
  19. nikecar

    Verizon's CFO Says that "unlimited" is "just a word" and "doesn't mean anything."

    i have 2 more years to jump ship. At that point, I'd hope Sprint is farther along with their LTE.