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  1. jst4fun

    wifi apps on ics

    I also use FoxFi. I have noticed it works well with multiple tethering. I am in a 4G area and have had up to 4 people tethering at the same time.
  2. jst4fun

    A quick question about OTA updates.

    I was wondering in the new ICS we are able to disable apps. After uninstalling updates you can disable the app. Will this keep my phone from getting new OTA updates in the future?
  3. jst4fun

    Best battery widget

    I also use the beautiful battery widget with a different skin. It shows you in 20% blocks and even shows half blocks for 10%.
  4. jst4fun

    What does YOUR homescreen look like?

    With a few homemade widgets
  5. jst4fun

    OTA Issue

    I am fastbooting now back to orginal out of the box status. Then I will try again. I will let you know if this works. Fingers crossed.
  6. jst4fun

    OTA Issue

    I was rooted. So I unrooted and then factory reset back to the 6.5.1-73. Downloaded the update again. tried to install the update but it gets about halfway into the update and it starts to reboot. Then when phone is booted up it says update Failed. Any suggestions?
  7. jst4fun

    From Bionic to a Razr - Need car dock

    Its pretty good. I bought 3. One for each vehicle. Also the original car dock app really sucks so try this one and see if you like it. Car Dock Home v3. Much more user friendly.
  8. jst4fun

    Razr drops data often: Should I trade razr for a differnt 4G-capable phone?

    Even with the latest update, some of us that have Data issues are still having it. No smart actions - No wifi turned on - No bluetooth turned on, just plain Jane and still after the update a few days again still loosing Data drops just not as bad. I traveled this weekend for Christmas and still...
  9. jst4fun

    Battery improved

    You should not see much difference in battery life. I live in 3G only area and work most days in 4G area. I still under moderate use get about 8 to 10 hours a day before it goes below 40%. I can live with that. I just have chargers all over the place. Which is good most everyone now is using...
  10. jst4fun

    Battery improved

    The battery will get better with each day. This is the first phone I have ever had and I have had smart phones since the Treo 600 that the battery life was so bad at first, then with each day it gets better and better. I still don't get great battery life with mine. I can go about 8 hours of...
  11. jst4fun


    +1 for QuickPic. It's by far the best out there at this time.
  12. jst4fun

    4G in Des Moines, Iowa is SMOKING!

    Cool, I will be in Des Moines for 2 Weeks in February and the first week in March.
  13. jst4fun

    Is your DATA loss as bad as it was on the Bionic?

    Have had the Razr for 3 days now. After a factory reset I am still having DATA loss quite a bit. Only thing is with the Razr if seems to come right back on pretty quick. Where as the Bionic you had to go into Airplane mode and back out to reset it. I was wondering if anyone else who came from...
  14. jst4fun

    Any other Car Dock Apps beside the one that came on the Razr?

    I think Moto is getting lamer with their Car Dock Apps. Its less and less app friendly. You can only add 1 user app now to the music screen. So no more Sling Player & Slacker on the same screen.
  15. jst4fun

    Cellular data won't turn on

    I keep loosing DATA all day today. My first day with it and I live in a 3G area. All day today it goes off, comes on, goes off, comes on.....etc. My battery lasted about 9 hours today of moderate to little use. I understand that the battery gets much better after about 3 or 4 days. Hope that is...
  16. jst4fun

    Hulu Plus question

    I noticed that Hulu Plus will not let us HDMI out. Is this a setting I am missing on the app because everything else mirrors out perfect. If so this really sucks, because the HDMI out is really nice watching sling box when I am on location and can't get TV signal.
  17. jst4fun

    Battery - Incorrect Level displaying? - Bionic went dead

    The battery indicator in the status bar is not a true level. I use Beautiful Widgets and it also has a Beautiful Battery widget that gives you a true status of your battery.
  18. jst4fun

    Another Bionic that can't get a data connection... no 4G/3G/1X signal.. only wifi...

    Had same problem. I finally was able to return my phone and get a replacement. The new phone works perfect.
  19. jst4fun

    Bionic + 4G + Slingbox ??

    Yes I am assuming the same thing. The older charger I was plugged into was only 500 MA. The supplied charger is 850 MA. I am pretty sure that is the problem.
  20. jst4fun

    Hulu Plus now a go for us.

    Cool only less than 2 weeks Hulu is now working on the Bionic. Hulu Plus adds support for eight additional Android phones along with the HTC Flyer