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  1. patfactorx

    [Rumor] Motorola Google X Phone to be a 'Game Changer'; Launching May & Coming July

    I hope this is another Original Droid moment. That phone made me fall in love with Android.
  2. patfactorx

    Need Dood's Music streamer APK

    They took this off the Play store. Anyone have the APK?
  3. patfactorx

    [ROM] Eclipse ICS for droid 4

    This rom just keeps getting better
  4. patfactorx

    lapdock app apk?

    I'm on Eclipse rom and I was wondering if there was a way to flash the lapdock app onto my phone so I can get my lapdock to work with custom roms.
  5. patfactorx

    Safestrap 2.11 bootlooping me

    Ok I'm an idiot... yeah the problem was that I wasn't installing the rom after the safestrap =op You would think that after 3 years I would have finally figured it all out lol.
  6. patfactorx

    Safestrap 2.11 bootlooping me

    Hey guys I have Safestrap 2.11 and whenever I toggle on safemode I go into a bootloop until I turn safemode off. Any ideas of what is causing this?
  7. patfactorx

    Samsung Galaxy S3 vs RAZR HD

    Motorola has better radios, speakers and durability.
  8. patfactorx

    [ROM]{PORT} Eclipse ICS 1.2

    Can someone post or link to a guide of how to flash this if I'm on a GB rom?
  9. patfactorx

    All right, I give up...

    I'm having the same problem. I ended up flashing Eclipse 1.3 and am happy to have a fully functioning GB rom with ICS themes.
  10. patfactorx

    [ROM] deodexed/debloated ics 217

    How do I flash these if I am on stock. Can I just root and safestrap flash this?
  11. patfactorx


    Yeah the call audio bug forced me to switch back to a Gingerbread build
  12. patfactorx

    [ROM] [RELEASE] Steel Droid: 5.6 - Ice Cream Sandwich - 6-8-2012

    I'm loving this rom. Can't wait to see what's ahead!
  13. patfactorx


    Really excited to get the camcorder working on this. Love the ROM but I need camcorder.
  14. patfactorx

    Will my unlocked Droid 4 work in China?

    I know the Droid 4 uses a LTE sim. Can I pop in a China 3g SIM and have it work in my Droid 4?
  15. patfactorx

    Droid X2 Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

    We need more ROM devs
  16. patfactorx


    Best ROM I have ever flashed but I really wish they could figure out how to fix the camcorder
  17. patfactorx

    Droid 4 camera port?

    The Droid 4 also has a 8mp shooter with 1080p. I don't know why the Droid 4 camera APK wouldn't work.
  18. patfactorx

    Droid 4 won't get Ice Cream Sandwich for at least 4-6 months

    The Nexus S is still waiting for ICS btw. Its not a Motorola problem. Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums
  19. patfactorx

    Droid 4 camera port?

    I just used the Droid 4 camera and it's a lot snappier than the Droid 3. Any chance anyone have an idea of how to port the apk over?
  20. patfactorx

    for those of you who were waiting for the D4....

    Tbh I'm going to see if they release a MAXX version or buy a used Droid 4 for a better price. Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums