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    Fastest/Best Launcher for RAZR MAXX HD w/ JB?

    it took me 2 weeks of using this launcher to realize that you could pull down a drawer from the clock and put shortcuts/widgets there :blink:
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    Fastest/Best Launcher for RAZR MAXX HD w/ JB?

    keep in mind Vire isn't DD material. I'm giving up quite a bit of basic functionality to have a "pretty" launcher in Vire. Also it tends to suck up ram after a while, and my battery life has dropped. Battery life isn't a huge deal on the MAXX, but I went from 3+ days of regular use to 2 days max.
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    Fastest/Best Launcher for RAZR MAXX HD w/ JB?

    I've been using Vire because of how pretty it looks. But its still in beta and not really daily driver material for most people (missing a lot of basic functions like folders for example) but man is it gorgeous. I suggest Apex to everyone as a daily driver launcher usually.
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    We're Getting an Update = Razr/Maxx HD XT926

    update: xda-developers - View Single Post - Back to stock 4.0.4 ICS after new update 4.1.2 JB
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    We're Getting an Update = Razr/Maxx HD XT926

    I was on rooted 4.1.1 Used OTA Root keeper and manually updated to the leaked release last week (or was it earlier this week? i can't recall now). Restored root and everything was working great. Then i got ballsy and started messing with my build.prop file. No custom recovery so no backup...
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    We're Getting an Update = Razr/Maxx HD XT926

    ^^ i get the same. and there's some on xda that are experiencing the same thing
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    Make your case for Google+

    i'm sure that'll get worked on at some point.
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    What is your favorite launcher for the Droid 3?

    i like Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher.
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    Make your case for Google+

    i retract my previous statement. I logged into facebook last night after posting and they AGAIN changed the layout of everything. Google+ wins hands down for nothing else but the simplistic and logical nature of it. like how facebook was when it first emerged. i just wish it would take off...
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    Make your case for Google+

    i use both facebook and google plus. i dont really prefer one over the other but i run both apps on my phone and get good battery life.
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    Nandroid Restore

    ah. good call. i didn't think of that.
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    [ROM] [RELEASE] Steel Droid: 5.0 Gingerbread - 1-11-2013

    +1 here too. I have a steel droid rom loaded on my D1 and have my D3 running a few changed properties on 5.6.890 (quicker transitions, different wifi scan time, different battery status icon displaying percentages)
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    Nandroid Restore

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    Nandroid Restore

    yes i've tried it multiple times. i've started another thread asking for someone to make a stockish backup of 5.5.959 so i can verify that i can go back to it from the leaked OTA update and verify that you can go back and forth without issue
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    Released cwm for d3 link to apk

    biggest thing this gives us right now is that we can create backups (image snapshots) of our device. so once you have the phone with all the settings and such as you like it, you can create a backup. then if you brick the phone, just fast-boot back to stock, root, cm recovery, restore backup...
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    backup request

    Does anyone have a stock 5.5.959 backup from the CM recovery? I'm doing some testing and was hoping someone had or could make one and send it my way. Thanks, George
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    One main thing I hate about the the droid 3

    well that statement is just silly. anytime i'm doing any flash work or programming of the phone i pull the battery cover just incase i need to pop out the about 3x a week for me at the very least.
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    Droid 3 ClockworkMod FOUND!

    saw this on DL a bit ago. i put both my fists in the air and went "YES!" then i felt embarrassed then i realized there's no one around me so it was okay to celebrate!
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    Forgot how sleek this phone is.

    that's the case i use and i love it. i love the kickstand in the holster as well. the case actually saved my phone the other day. the phone fell out of my hand and landed on its face but the front case saved the screen 100%.
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    Netflix update is available in the market. I'm installing it. I hope the crackling noise is gone! EDIT: well that didn't take long. clicking is still there. guess netflix didn't listen to our feedback.