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  1. tiggerxplur

    Amazon Appstore Update - New UI and International Users Now Welcome

    There has been an option for that for quite some time now.
  2. tiggerxplur

    How would the galaxy nexus running jb fare against sgs3

    Was a great review. He missed out on a few bigger things in JB, and also repeated himself a lot.
  3. tiggerxplur

    Dark Meadow: The Pact Coming Soon; Optimized for Tegra 3

    here is the bigger image
  4. tiggerxplur

    Droid Incredible 4G LTE Specs and Pricing

    Is this not the One X with a different name? Looks pretty much the same. I haven't kept up with the specs of the One X.
  5. tiggerxplur

    Swiftkey Beta 3 phone and tablet versions released

    The holo theme is a great improvement IMO. Even though I bought it I never used it because the layout.
  6. tiggerxplur

    [Quick Review] Motorola Xyboard

    If your willing to wait you can get the Nexus tablet.
  7. tiggerxplur

    Leaked Photo of Samsung's GT-i9300 Suggests it is Not the Galaxy S III

    Why does every manufacturer insist on switching the nav buttons around?
  8. tiggerxplur

    [Rumors] SGS3 Entering Production Phase with Quad-Core Exynos & LTE (leaked photo)

    This post on Reddit leads me to believe it is a fake. It clearly looks like a photo of a monitor, which means it could easily be a shop. bradsh comments on My friend works at Samsung, in a respectable position. He just sent me a picture of the galaxy s3
  9. tiggerxplur

    Another Easter Egg Found in Google Chrome for Android

    Look at the source link.
  10. tiggerxplur

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus to get White treatment

    with that kind of attitude you will never get a new phone DancingNexus
  11. tiggerxplur

    Is this what your phone looks like?

    Hana no Android Gakuen 01 English Translated! - Between Linux and Anime a little more info on their "charm points"
  12. tiggerxplur

    Android 3.2 Honeycomb With Android Market on Your ASUS Eee PC or Laptop

    Can this be installed on a cr48? I think I would use it more is it had Android.
  13. tiggerxplur

    Bypass "Activate your Phone" screen - not the green android on rooted, wifi DROID

    the only thing i dont like about airplane mode is that wifi doesnt come back on automatically and i tend to forget to turn it back on but yes it does work i was just hoping for another way
  14. tiggerxplur

    Bypass "Activate your Phone" screen - not the green android on rooted, wifi DROID

    bumping cause i would like to find a way to disable this also
  15. tiggerxplur

    wifi only without using airplane mode?

    i have a droid 1 running Cm7 RC4 and i use it as a wifi only device now. i was wondering if there is a way to disable the 3g radio without using airplane mode. i would like to be able to use bluetooth and gps without having to switch back and forth., also if i have it in airplane mode and...
  16. tiggerxplur

    android in minecraft

    havent posted here in a very long time i got addicted to minecraft found it on this forumdancedroid) anyways in the past month i have built this (all hand mined) if you wanna see it in game the server is and go west of the spawn point its one of the first...
  17. tiggerxplur

    Study Indicates 90% of All Data Used by Just 10% of Users

    i see what you did ther >.> lol
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    Custom Android Drink Cooler

    two words uh mazing
  19. tiggerxplur

    LG Helping to Bring 'Jetsons' Style Homes Closer to Reality

    HAHA thats great i always wondered if they do things like that secretly they do get a lot of information from their users
  20. tiggerxplur

    Samsung To Introduce New Flexible 4.5inch Display At CES

    wonder what would have happened if they didnt use a rubber hammer like the did the first screen