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    Stock email app looses acct. passwords

    I am currently getting the same message but it is only for my Yahoo account. I am interested to see what solutions people have to offer. Sent From My Verizon Galaxy Note II
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    Official Note 2 screen shots!

    I like my lockscreen and homescreen bare. Sent From My Verizon Galaxy Note II
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    Gn2 front facing camera crash

    Warranty replacement arrived last week and everything is good to go. I almost have it back to where I like it as far as apps, layouts, widgets, etc. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 2
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    Gn2 front facing camera crash

    Yea, warranty replacement. I missed the FedEx person yesterday. Hopefully i catch them today. This has been my only issue with the note 2. I love this phone. I don't even use my Asus tablet as much anymore. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2
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    Gn2 front facing camera crash

    Turned out to be a hardware issue.. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2
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    Gn2 front facing camera crash

    As the subject says, when selecting front facing camera on my note two, the app crashes. I have searched on the forums and haven't found anything (possibly could have just missed it). I'm looking for a fix. I have cleared the data for the camera, pulled the battery, pulled the sd card, rebooted...
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    smart actions like app

    I use phone schedule and it works perfect for my needs...I use it for sound, wifi, mobile data, and bluetooth...
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    Thunderbolt screen just cracked - what to replace it with

    ^i was wondering the same thing....
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    Front facing camera

    you clear data under applications> manage applications>all>camera>clear data....
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    Front facing camera

    you have to clear the data for your camera, just cleared my data and now the front facing camera works....
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    Front facing camera

    i just started having this issue a couple days ago.....
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    HTC Thunderbolt Screen Shot

    all you have to do is root and get the drocap2 app, great app for screen shots, and rooting is fairly simple......
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    Rooted Tbolt OTA update issues

    you should always make a nandroid backup before you flash a new rom, and if you need to revert back to stock/un-root there are a lot of guides for that on the forum, i havent used them though.....
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    Rooted Tbolt OTA update issues

    let me know if the being rename fixes your issue, because i am stock rooted (and dont want to have to deal with that issue), and happy with it for now....don't need to flash another rom at the moment.....also, what update are you getting now? the last update i received or heard...
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    Need Help!!!

    juice defender disables your data connection when the screen is off, and after about three hours of idle time, i unlock my phone and no data connection for a few hours, ended up resetting the access point name again and rebooting the phone, and allowed it to sit over night (was not patient the...
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    go to the market and download facebook for android....
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    Wireless tether fix

    what's wrong with it? need more information?
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    Sending back to VZW

    i don't see how that could be an issue (especially seeing that a lot of thunderbolts kickstands are peeling, design flaw in my opinion (they should have tested their prototypes better). Also, you're not returning the phone because of the peeling, two other hardware issues failed, and they...