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    Moto Z4 General Discussions

    Love this phone except for the finger print reader. It doesn't always work with my thumb. I tried to retrain it but it still does the same thing. Other than that, great phone.
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    Celebrating 10 years of Android, let the celebration continue.

    Same here. Plus, I have never swayed from a Motorola phone. I've been tempted with the Samsung phones and the Pixel phones but for now, I'm sticking with MOTO.
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    How's everyone liking Nougat?

    So far so good on this end!
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    Do You Still Root Your Android Device?

    I haven't rooted a phone since my Droid Bionic.
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    Most Popular Flashlight App On Android Going Rogue

    Well, I just deleted that app. Guess I'll stick with the karate chop method.
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    Send text from recent calls

    What sajokaz posted works! Thank you!
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    Send text from recent calls

    With my old phone (Droid Maxx) if someone called me their number would show up in my Recent Calls window and I could either call them back or send them a text. I don't see the option to send them a text from that window any more. I also don't see the option to add them to my Contacts List from...
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    Nexus 6 Question & Answer Session Ideas

    Does this phone have wireless charging capability?
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    [APP] Free Bluetooth Tethering

    Anyone know what kind of speeds you actually get with BT?
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    Tylt Vu Wireless Code...

    When you place your phone on the charger you don't hear any sound?
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    Tylt Vu Wireless Code...

    Right, mine is a work phone and root is out of the question. Because it is a work phone it must remain on all night and turning off any notification sound isn't an option.
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    Tylt Vu Wireless Code...

    If any of you that are getting this figure out how to turn off that annoying sound the phone makes when you connect to it, please let me know.
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    Samsung Unveils the Gear Fit, a Curved Fitness Band for an Active Lifestyle

    Quick question: are these devices only for Samsung phones? tia
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    Mobile wireless charger?

    I bought the TYLT dock as well and this one looks awesome. Quick question, when set my phone on the dock it makes an annoying tone. Is there a way to turn that off?
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    Shutting off/Powering off Randomly

    I received my new Droid Maxx this morning. I thought this phone was sealed up and you couldn't open it to access the sim card or battery. Wrong! Oh, you can't easily remove the battery but the sim card is located within the volume up and down rocker. You just use your fingernail to pull out on...
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    Shutting off/Powering off Randomly

    Welp, this morning it shut down and wouldn't start up again. Called Verizon and they are over-nighting me one. I wonder if a bad app could cause this? Frustrating, because I really like this phone.
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    Shutting off/Powering off Randomly

    I have had this issue on and off again for the last couple months. Last night it wouldn't turn back on. I left it alone for a couple hours then tried it again and it fired right up and has worked flawlessly ever since. I'm not sure what's going on? Anybody?
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    Welcome 2014, Goodbye Bionic

    LOL, I was using mine for the exact same thing. I bought the Droid Maxx. Best phone out there! 3 days on one charge. My poor Bionic barely made it through the day. I ended up selling it on Ebay. It still worked fine, just needed a new battery. Now I have the QI Charger from TYLT and that should...
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    kit kat update and battery drain