Zoneminder and Dolphin Browser Problem

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    ** Ok. I uninstalled and reinstalled Dolphin browser and now it works. Very odd but should have thought of that prior to posting.
    I have a zoneminder box running which has several security cameras that I have always been able to view either via a normal web browser or my telephone browser. I have used this on a Blackberry 8900, BB tour, and a nokia e71 and none of them have had any problems viewing the content of the security cameras. Well for some reason now when I log into my website via the dolphin browser on my droid I only get a box outline with a blue "?" mark in the middle.

    I believe zoneminder is only outputting the images as .jpg so I'm very stumped as to why I cant view this ?? Any suggestions. I have never been asked for a plugin, etc. Also, I can view the login page and the main home screen no problem, its only when I go to view a cameras stream that I get the blue question mark.

    A little background on zoneminder : ZoneMinder: Linux Home CCTV and Video Camera Security with Motion Detection: Home
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