Zagat, Comprehensive Restaurant Ratings On Android

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    I don’t consider myself a foodie in the least, but as someone who works in the retail food industry I understand the utility and importance the Zagat Survey has created for itself over the years. I have been truly appreciating apps that are geared to a specific medium lately, like RideTheCity for bike paths as opposed to just planning through Google Maps. The Zagat App for Android is a much better tool for finding great restaurants near your location versus a search engine.

    For those that are unaware, the Zagat is a survey that collects and correlates restaurant ratings by customers. Each establishment is given a rating of 1-30 on Food Quality, Decor, and Service; as well as the average price of a meal. Unlike most of the apps I try and review, I wasn’t skeptical about this one. I am well aware of the prestige of the Zagat Survey and wasn’t disappointed by the app made available by Google when they acquired Zagat.

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