Youtube via HDMI: Ok when not "HQ"

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    I have been using an HDMI cable to attach my Charge to a Toshiba TV. Works great for Netflix. Youtube works when not on the HQ setting. When on HQ setting the Charge screen is clearly a higher quality than Non-HQ settings. So when HDMI cable it attached I will get the Youtube screen duplicated on the tv. When I try to play at HQ, as soon as the video buffer is finished loading and the video starts the TV screen goes blank and the video plays just on the Charge screen.
    The TV states the connection is 1080i. I don't think it matters but the TV does not take 780p resolution input.
    Does anyone else get Youtube through HDMI at HQ settings? If so how?
    What is it about Youtube HQ that makes it so it is not sent out through the HDMI cable?
    Are there any seetings on Yourtube or the Charge that I need to change?
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