Youtube seems worthless with new update

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by milew66623, Feb 10, 2011.

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    I originally got the incredible a month or so after it was released. At that point, youtube ran flawlessly. Then the update came along. Ever since then it always says "sorry, this video cannot be played" or "there was a problem while paying" even for vids that are 1-2 minutes. I got a new incredible, same thing, complete resete, same thing. Instead of buffering, it just stops and says cannot play. What is the deal? IT was awesome before this update, I could watch a 10 minute video with not one interuption. I am not even watching them in HQ.

    What is the problem,and why has this not been fixed? I have called, they sent me a phone, told me to reset, told me to uninstall and re-install youtube which makes me believe less and less in the customer service since youtube cannot be unitnstalled. I have updated youtube, nothing changes.