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    In case you guys weren't aware, Google's YouTube Gaming is now available. This is basically Google's answer to Twitch TV. For those who missed it last year, Google was trying to buy the gaming TV service, Twitch TV, but they got outbid by Amazon, who now owns it.

    Google wasn't too broken up about it though. They were already working on their own gaming TV service for YouTube and mainly wanted Twitch for the engineers, technology, patents and existing user base. While all of those things are important, we can't dismiss the fact that more people watch YouTube globally than any other medium on the planet. Plus, YouTube can actually archive the videos, whereas Twitch TV does not.

    The YouTube Gaming is available to watch globally, but the apps are only available in the US and UK for now. You can head over to the Google Play Store at the link provided below to download the app and start watching all of your favorite video games streaming live or recorded. Sound off and let us know if you ever partake in video game watching.

    Source: YouTube Gaming - Android Apps on Google Play
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    It's actually pretty good and I am no fan of watching people play games. However, it also curates stuff like walkthroughs, Easter eggs, news, etc, which is super useful to me especially with Destiny: The Taken King coming out. It also lets you subscribe by game like Twitch does and keeps it all nice and neat.
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