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    Use this application for managing your twitter account.

    Common features:
    - tutotial: how to use our app (basic operations)
    - who unfollowed recently (with notifications)
    - who followed recently (with notifications)
    - you will know who is your new friend and who left you
    - automatically unfollow those users who unfollowed you
    - list of users who don't followed back
    - automatically unfollow users who didn't accept your friendship
    - search new friends in twitter based on your favors (with different filters)
    - daily stats of twitter activity
    - support multiply accounts
    - notifications

    Using this app you will not only be able to track your followers and unfollowers, but also looking for new connections on your interests.

    You can find more information on our site Is iDroid?

    Try our app now and track your unfollowers

    You can find my app in google play:

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